The Fifty: the W9 channel has already programmed a new season 2?

The audiences for Les Cinquante are very good. So has the W9 channel already programmed a new season?

This is a program that all reality TV fans have been looking forward to. Season 1 of Les Cinquante is a hit on W9. So is a sequel planned? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Les Cinquante: the life-saving reality TV show

We don’t teach you, reality TV is running out of steam in France. Viewers seem to be tired of seeing the same stagings on the small screen.

Cheating, love affairs, rumours, love at first sight, sorcery, friendly breakups, arguments and clashes galore… Reality TV fans have seen it all. So it is high time the sequences changed.

Because to date, even the Marseillais program is in free fall. Audiences are also at their lowest in all scandals around influencers. Many people would scam their subscribers.

Or who would make dubious product placements. Rapper Booba even denounced them. So with all these problems, it’s the environment that has taken a hit.

The producers of W9 have therefore decided to create a new concept of reality TV to try to save what is left of it. This is “The Fifty”. The principle resembles that of the Squid Game series.

It highlights 50 candidates who have only one goal: to compete in tests to finish first. The game takes place in a castle in Paris. Every day, several players leave the adventure. If the principle is atypical, the casting is even more so! Because this time, everyone is mixed.

There are the Marseillais with Maeva Ghennam, Greg Yega and Océane El Himer… Then Cédric, Andy, Cynthia, Ambre, Charlotte as well as Ileana…

A new season 2?

All are mixed with old ones like Jessy Errero, Fanny Salvat, Victoria Méhault, Julia Morgante or even Liam and Christophe Dicranian

There is also Amélie Neten, Mélanie Dedigama, Aurélie Dotremont, Milla Jasmine, Adixia and Christopher. And even Vivian, Tristan Maurisse, Mélanie Orl, Simon Castaldi and Julien Bert.

In short, we are not going to name them all but there are many. At the end of the adventure, only one candidate will be elected as the big winner of this program. This same winner will win the sum of 50,000 euros for one of its subscribers.

Pretty cool isn’t it! One thing is certain, the program is already pleasing. Indeed, the program Les Cinquante already seems to be unanimous among Internet users. We can therefore read on Twitter:

“It’s a change from the Marseillais, it’s too good, but hey, we only see the same ones for the moment”, “we expected it, I like it too much”, “it’s in the spirit of sport, with less of confusion I validate. »

As soon as the first episode was broadcast, the audiences exploded. Thereafter, we count approximately 500,000 viewers per episode. So inevitably, Internet users are already wondering about the continuation of the program Les Cinquante.

Will there be a season 2? This is very likely! So says blogger vaarruecos. He also says that the W9 channel would have already signed a season 2 for Les Cinquante. We love !

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The Fifty: the W9 channel has already programmed a new season 2?

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