The Marseillais: Carla Moreau proud to have presented Ruby to her father!

In an interview with Télé Loisirs, Carla Moreau (Les Marseillais) confided that she was proud to have finally been able to present Ruby to her father!

A few years ago, Carla Moreau (Les Marseillais) experienced a big bad buzz. And for good reason, she did and this story was brought to light. Since then, she has lost many friendships.

Carla Moreau (Les Marseillais) has definitely cut ties with Maeva Ghennam?

In an interview with Télé Loisirs this Friday, May 20, Carla Moreau confided in her former friends from Marseille. Several of them have cut ties with Ruby’s mom because of the witchcraft affair.

Yet very close to Maeva Ghennam, the latter also has with Carla Moreau (Les Marseillais). It would also seem that the latter will never be able to make peace.

Kevin Guedj’s wife revealed: ” I do not think so. You can never say never. But this is not topical. Afterwards, if we are in the same house for a while, we will end up talking to each other..

She then pointed out: “And things will get worse or better. At the moment, we don’t live in the same city, we don’t have topics of discussion that relate to the same thing… so it’s not possible”.

Since this case, Carla Moreau (Les marseillais) has decided to focus on her family 100%. Mother of one, she does everything possible to ensure that the latter is filled with happiness and love.

Determined to take control of her life, the young woman has also decided to reconnect with her dad. She also confided in her reunion with his father. She introduced him to her daughter.

“I wanted to introduce him to my daughter”

Carla Moreau (Les Marseillais) has : “I had been thinking about it for a few months. It stayed inside my head. I thought it was the right time. I got married, I am more settled in my life”.

Carla Moreau (Les Marseillais) continued: “In life, there are things that we don’t think are necessary, before saying to ourselves that they are. I said to myself that this effort, It needs to be done.

Before emphasizing: “We are not here to talk about the past or blame ourselves for things. Many things have evolved. I was a little girl, I became a mother. I wanted to introduce him to my daughter, it was my priority approach..

In an interview with Purebreak, Kevin Guedj (Les Marseillais) also said a little more. “It’s an important moment. For me, family is very important.”.

The one who had an argument with Julien Tanti pointed out: “I think everything in life is forgivable and I think every grandfather has the right to see his grandchildren.

The former Marseillais candidate concluded: “For me, it’s something good and I think that, for her, these are strong choices that will grow even faster.

One thing is certain, Carla Moreau has decided to restore order in her life. She also seems very happy to have made peace with her father!

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The Marseillais: Carla Moreau proud to have presented Ruby to her father!

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