Star Academy: ex-candidate Silent Jill reveals the sex of her baby!

Pregnant for the 4th time, the former Star Academy candidate Silent Jill has just revealed the sex of her baby to her fans.

Silent Jill is a happy mum! The singer, revealed in the 5th season of Star Academy, is expecting her 4th child this year. A baby whose sex she has just revealed. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

The ex-candidate of the Star Academy victim of a miscarriage

Star Academy fans know her well! The Belgian singer Silent Jill had been revealed in 2005 during the 5th season of the TF1 show.

Today, the 34-year-old influencer is a hit on YouTube and social networks. But above all, she is a happy wife and mother! Already mother of a teenager and two little boysshe is indeed expecting her 4th child in 2022.

However, everything has not always been so rosy for the ex-candidate of the Star Academy. Last year, she announced her miscarriage on Instagram.

“In the event of loss of your pregnancy, if the miscarriage is not spontaneous, you can (in Belgium) request a curettage from your gynecologist. Here, the option was immediately offered to me. It is certainly abouthospitalization with general anesthesia, so not easy. But an analysis of the embryo can be done in order to obtain answers.had explained Silent to his fans.

And the former participant of the Star Academy to continue: “To better live the mourning and especially to take medical measures afterwards, this option has advantages. If you ever find yourself in this situation (which I wouldn’t wish on anyone), discuss it with your doctor.”.

Today, Silent Jill can turn the page on this ordeal. With her 4th baby, she will be able to expand her pretty little familyas she wished.

“I gave my faith a chance. I trusted the universe. And like a miracle, you gave me the most beautiful surprise of this year. You decided to choose me as your mom and I’m already grateful to you. You, my little rainbow being, I can’t wait to have you in my arms”she said.

Silent Jill finally reveals her baby’s gender

Happier than ever, the former Star Academy candidate shares her happiness with her fans on social networks. Last weekend, she also revealed the sex of her baby. And not just anyhow!

Indeed, the woman woman, fan of paranormal, decided to organize a “gender reveal party”. Witchcraft-themed that’s more!

In a YouTube video, the former participant of the Star Academy has therefore revealed to its subscribers the sex of his future child. Silent Jill, who dreamed of having a second daughter, had the joy of seeing your wish come true. She will indeed give birth to a little princess in a few months!

Stars and anonymous did not fail to congratulate the former Star Academy contestant on Instagram. “So many emotions watching the video! Congratulations to you 2 and much happiness. I am happy for you! », “She already has a huge chance this little one”, “I was thinking of a girl. Congratulation ! », can we read in the comments. Too cute !

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Star Academy: ex-candidate Silent Jill reveals the sex of her baby!

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