10 reasons to read comics

The French love books, especially comics. From the youngest to the elderly, everyone enjoys comics, whether manga, albums, comics, graphic novels, etc. In addition to promoting relaxation, these books open the mind and make our imagination work. They allow us to escape and dream. Here are 10 reasons to start reading comics.

There are humorous comics

Want to laugh and release stress after a stressful day at work or school? There are comedy comics whose tone is steeped in situation comedy, self-mockery, parody, and so on. Both entertaining and fun, this genre is enjoyed by a wide audience and can be condensed into a single image or long stories with illustrations.

In cultural items shopsyou will find a large selection of comics humorous, available in different styles and themes. Humorous comics have been around for a long time, because humorous images as well as satires were already known in the 19th century. It was later that it became particularly popular in Europe. You can buy books written by comedians, collections of punchlines and anecdotes, but also guides and manuals.

You can find detective comics

The other reason to read comics is that we find them in the thriller genre, to the delight of lovers of police investigations, crimes and suspense. You will thus find in these books the greatest investigators looking for dangerous criminals that haunt the sleep of citizens. Polar comics use the same principle as detective literature and the novel of the same genre. We find there an offense (crime, rape, kidnapping, terrorist act, espionage) which will be at the origin of an investigation. Moreover, there is always a motive, one or more victims, an investigator and one or more culprits.

Read a sci-fi comic if you’re into it

A comic is categorized as science fiction when it is based on a narrative consisting of events rooted in reality and from a scientific rationality that can be identified and realized in the long term. It is also in science fiction comics that we find aliens, cyborg robots, cloning, time travel, stellar travel, etc. Science fiction comics have exploited the many existing possibilities through different currents such as manga, comics and the European school. Therefore, it offers you different versions: American versions, Japanese comics, European comics, Belgian comics, etc.

Also find comics on the western

Western comics plunge into the heart of the American Far West allowing you to rub shoulders with cowboys. From cult comic strips to modern comic book albums, you will experience the stories as if you were on the spot. Western comics are comics that follow the same principles as films of the same genre. There are therefore, in addition to the famous cowboys, saloons, the American West, sheriffs, Indians, etc. Among the best-known works, we can cite, for example, Luke Luke, Tex Willer or blueberry.

Graphic novels are a different genre of comics

Graphic novels are a genre of comics that cater to lovers of novels and comics. It is thus a combination of novel narrative and illustrations comics which are very popular these days. The graphic novel is dedicated to adults, with comics that are more complex, longer or more serious than classic comics. Published in the form of albums, this genre is intended to be more mature with variable forms and a story that may or may not be fictional.

As for the graphics, they can be black and white or color and the number of pages varies depending on the work in question. The term graphic novel or graphic novel originated in the United States. It was born from the need for authors to stand out from comics trips and classic comics. The objective was to move away from the “too childish” classic comics and to propose a more noble genre, with serious themes.

Discover other universes with fantasy

Fantasy comics tell a story about events that fall outside identifiable social and factual rationality. Explicit or implicit scientific aspects are highlighted. Fantasy has own codes and which are centered around imaginary worlds, witchcraft, magic, etc. Fantasy comics emerged in the 1930s in a diffused way. It really developed with the arrival of humorous and heroic comics. Moreover, this genre also involves humor in its stories, taking you to a wonderful and unknown world.

Re-read classics with those adapted from a novel

If you want to rediscover classic novels through the prism of comics, then literary adaptation comics will certainly suit you. These are works known to everyone, but revisited through comics and to which the authors add a special touch. We can cite classics such as Fables de la Fontaine in comics, Candide or the optimist by Voltaire, adaptations of Zolathe adventures of Odysseus, Remi without family, Madame Bovaryetc.

Live adventures with action comics

Action and adventure comics allow you to dive into different eras of history. If you enjoy action scenes and the discovery of fantastic creatures, this genre is bound to please you. The stories are full of twists and action scenes that inspire you to go on an adventure. The form, the drawings and the narrative declined in the form of dialogue immerse the readers in stories full of suspense and adventures.

Adventure comics are a variation of the main features of novels of the same genre. These are narratively and graphically adapted to the comics and highlight a hero with one or more companions who go on an adventure. All this, in order to solve investigations and overcome certain mysteries.

Cultivate yourself with historical comics

To enrich your culture, go back to ancient times through history comics that take you to prehistory, antiquity, the Middle Ages, the modern era, etc. As with historical novels, these comics are set long before the time they were written, with an era or a historical event that serves as a backdrop. In order to bring more realism to this type of graphic literature, the characters can be real or inspired by history, but also fictitious. This genre has an educational objective since it allows you to learn more about the history of humanity.

Learn about the world with documentary comics

Documentary comics are a kind of comics testifying to reality, generally to comment on it. It notably includes documentaries, political investigations, reports or even testimonies and tell the real in the form of rich and fascinating works. It touches on all subjects and is now part of journalism, but also of the documentary genre.

Therefore, it offers readers a another view of the world by providing them with clear and detailed information. Comics have not ceased to amaze lovers of literature. They are presented as a story support suitable for everyone and which invites relaxation, dreaming, escape and pleasure. Intended for all audiences (children and adults), they deal with different subjects and come in various genres for all tastes.

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10 reasons to read comics

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