‘She stole Kevin’s z*zi’, new revelations about Carla and witchcraft

In March 2021, a huge scandal broke out in the world of reality TV. Marc Blata had revealed voice notes and videos which proved that Carla Moreau was practicing witchcraft to become the star of Marseilles. Determined to break through, to keep her rivals away and to prevent her spouse from being interested in other women, she did not hesitate to call on a medium and spend hundreds of thousands of euros (we are even talking about ‘a million). Carla would have wished misfortunes on her best friend at the timeMaeva Ghennam, so that she no longer participates in the program.

Worse still, she would have wished harm to the children of her colleagues. Shocking revelations that had shaken up the world of reality TV and which had isolated the couple Kevin and Carla. Today, the newlyweds have bounced back, but spine-chilling new details.

“Carla had fun stealing Kevin’s voodoo doll’s z*zi”

Yesterday, the mysterious blogger @tmzfrance8 spoke about this dark affair. Almost a year to the day after the scandal, she says other evidence and videos do exist: “People in this area who hold the strings wanted to cover up the affair on the pretext that Kevin and Carla were bringing in a lot of money. But that has changed. Dozens of videos of Danae and Carla in the middle of a sordid ritual session were to be released. Except that people freaked out when they saw how big it got. The candidates wanted to bury Carla.”

She throws out some things that we haven’t seen in the videos relayed by Marc Blata:Carla had fun stealing the z*zi from Kevin’s voodoo doll so that he wouldn’t cheat on her and that he would remain faithful. Maeva swung and it’s true, she saw the video.”

After Kevin, Carla wished moms luck

Remember, an insistent rumor told that Carla Moreau practiced rituals on the candidates who were going to become mothers, and thus wished misfortune on the children of Marseille.

Tmzfrance8 confirms: “The most shocking and dangerous thing was what she was doing to some very well-known candidates. Carla also had fun poking the bellies of voodoo dolls so that pregnant candidateswith whom she was in conflict (two very big heads in particular), have complications in their pregnancies for not attending the filming.

“She was doing other rituals to other candidates, including Maeva, asking for things dark enough to harm them. Behind the scenes, the candidates were freaking out, especially the Tanti. Manon Tanti wanted to exterminate Carla by inciting her to release all the videos. They wanted his end in the middle! Banijay, Magali Berdah and big producers intervened to calm things down. They threatened to stop their product placements.”

“When Kevin came to Dubai, he tried to turn Maeva’s brain upside down with fake conversations. He was begging Marc to stop and not say anything anymore. Magali had asked Maeva to go see Carla and take snaps with Carla to show that there was nothing. It was fake for the image. Afterwards, she no longer saw Carla… The Tanti left Shauna Events because Carla was not sanctioned and boycotted. But, after the scandal, Carla no longer reported as before at Magali. Today, she no longer makes the same sales, her brand has flopped and her show sucks”, concludes the blogger.


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‘She stole Kevin’s z*zi’, new revelations about Carla and witchcraft

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