3 original ideas for a successful bachelor party

A bachelorette party is an opportunity to have a memorable trip only between girlfriends. And for this evening to be unforgettable, both for the future bride and for her bridesmaids and the other participants, creativity and originality are essential.

To save you headaches and long hesitations, here are three original ideas for a successful bachelor party. The first one is downright awesome!

A bachelorette party in a karaoke bar

A karaoke night, it’s the best for a bachelor party that is both original and fun. For an evening, redo the repertoire of your favorite songs together. Let go by pushing the song on the titles that you often sang in roommates, during your student evenings, or even on your group trips.

Treat yourself to an evening rich in emotions with titles that remind you of unique moments shared with the star of the evening. Are you all singing out of tune? Rest assured, no one will blame you! The most important thing is to have fun together one last time before your friend starts her new life as a married woman.

For the location, don’t worry about looking for the perfect room, a video projector, a screen, microphones and all the equipment. Just book an evening Karaoke Paris 8 at Bart Karaoke Box.

It is an all-in-one package including:

  • A private room with a capacity of 4 to 15 people containing a large screen;
  • A repertoire of more than 45,000 titles for musical tastes;
  • Room service to serve you drinks and meals on the go throughout the evening;
  • A restaurant area for brunch, lunch or dinner to quell your hunger before and after the session.

It’s the perfect option for a fun, stress-free bachelorette party.

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A DIY workshop, for a useful EVJF

For an evening, or downright a whole day, you can have a great time with the girls by participating in DIY workshops such as:

A make-up workshop

Bring a professional for you learn how to do your makeup. She will provide you with sound advice for choosing your products according to the shape of your face, your skin type and the color of your eyes. You will also have all the tricks to hide your flaws and showcase yourself for D-day.

A cooking or baking workshop

Treat yourself to a gourmet and fun moment by engaging a chef at home to teach you original cooking recipes, fun cakes and desserts.

An aphrodisiac cooking class is, for example, ideal for learning how to dose certain spices to boost the libido. A fun way to help the bride-to-be spice up her married life a little.

A moment of well-being, beauty and relaxation

The moments of relaxation and relaxation between girlfriends remain a must for a bachelor party. So treat yourself to a day at a spa or beauty center with the full formula (massage, meditation, yoga, solarium, etc.). The goal: forget the stress of organizing the wedding and enjoy the moment with friends.

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3 original ideas for a successful bachelor party

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