Sexual life and fantastic imaginaries

The first idea that comes to mind is of course incubi and succubi, these creatures of the devil who fornicate with you while you sleep. But we can also mention nymphs, witches, sirens, satyrs or even the unicorn, a virgin, queer and exhibitionist female creature since she wears her penis on her forehead.

That said, for several decades, it is clearly the figure of the vampire that has triumphed over our sexual imagination. So of course there’s Coppola’s Dracula, there’s the Tom Cruise-Brad Pitt duo in “Interview with the Vampire”. But we must not forget the success of the “Twilight” franchise, which itself inspired the steamroller “Fifty Shades of Grey”. Casually, in recent years, the fantastic imagination has had concrete effects on the real sexuality of real people. The creatures of the night have indeed transformed our nights.

There is also sexual magic which has become fashionable again. If you want to bewitch someone, you can take a look at Sarane Alexandrian’s “Breviary of love spells”, it was published in La Musardine. Then if you want to transform your sexuality into an almost mystical ritual, I recommend “The Boudoir Bible” by Betony Vernon. And then, you also have to reckon with sex toys, if you are looking for sex toys inspired by octopus tentacles, by extraterrestrials, by the demon Gorgon from the series “Stranger Things” or by Satan himself, the brand “Bad Dragon” offers all imaginable models of fanciful sex toys.

Finally, if you want to fantasize about imaginary creatures, I recommend that you read erotic mangas, Antai where you will come across lots of exuberant and insatiable creatures.

It was for practical work. But I would also like to talk about the theory because there is no need to buy a magical dildo to bathe in the fantastic, even in the most complete irrationality.

Are we sexually irrational?

It’s funny, we consider the fantastic as a simple folklore even if it means sometimes brushing it aside. We say to ourselves that we are much too Cartesian to believe in it in the first degree and yet, sex is an area where belief in the fantastic is so omnipresent that we don’t even realize it anymore.

Some examples. In sex, we talk about the alchemy of desire between partners. We are talking about the dark and mysterious continent of female sexuality. We are talking about the signals of seduction that you have to know how to decipher. We talk about the merging of souls during orgasm. In short, this ultra-rational domain that is sexuality with its hormones, its nerve endings, its muscular contractions, its neurological pleasure receptors. This ultra-rational world is constantly described with a language borrowed from the fantastic and that should not work out because, according to a study by the IFOP and the Jean-Jaurès Foundation published yesterday, young people adhere more and more to esoteric beliefs. Half believe in spirits, a third believe in witchcraft, a fifth believe in demons.

And me, to be quite frank, this decline of science does not delight me because when we apply this folklore of the imagination to our sexuality, it is often to avoid confronting reality, facts, figures. In short, everything about me excites me. I give you an example. When we talk about deciphering the signals sent by women, it’s usually because we’re not listening to the real words that come out of their mouths, articulated by real grammar, with real meaning. When we say to ourselves that with such a lover there was no chemistry, we are probably dodging the real problem which is that the guy did not take a shower or did not like us or made no effort to understand our mechanics of pleasure. As a result, as much as I find it great to feed our imagination with fantasy and with sex toys in the shape of sphinxes, I find it essential to feed our practices with science and preferably science, very hard.

In conclusion, to have fantastic orgasms, it is better to confine the fantastic to a simple inspiration.

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Sexual life and fantastic imaginaries

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