Top 3 Must-Read 2022 Manga for Halloween

Horror season is coming. Chills, dread, fright: its lexical field is rich, and we, impatient to feel fear invade us. But the question arises every year for manga fans: “what am I going to read? What title will succeed in immersing me in the chilling atmosphere of Halloween? “. Here are our top 3 frighteningly recommendable 2022 manga for Day of the Dead.

Some want blood, others the paranormal, or the fantastic. Fortunately, manga is not lacking in diversity, and even less in the register of horror, where the authors can turn out to be extremely imaginative.

Soichi – the morbid and crazy manga

Impossible not to mention his name in this top. He is the undisputed master of horror manga, a virtuoso of fear and human anguish. Junji Ito is back in France in 2022, with the publication of Soichi. Here is the official synopsis:

© Ito Junji, Asahi Shimbunsha

The summer promises to be radiant for Michina and Yûsuke, but their young cousin Soichi does not hear it that way. Dark and facetious, the boy with the terrifying studded smile does not hesitate to use voodoo witchcraft, obscure pranks and his demonic imagination to extinguish the bright smile of all those who annoy or reject him.

Mangetsu editions have brought together all the stories of an emblematic character of Junji Ito: Soïchi, in a single book. No less than 500 pages of chills await you with this collection bringing together The Soichi Diary and Soichi’s Cursed Diary. Expect a morbid, unhealthy and terrifying atmosphere, but also totally wacky: a mix that Ito masters to perfection.


© Ito Junji, Asahi Shimbunsha

Note that this edition contains a preface by Marius Chapuis and an analysis at the end of the book by Morolian, a French-speaking specialist in the master of horror. find Soichi in bookshop at a price of €24.95.

happyland – when the game meets death

The mix of gaming and killing is one of the most classic scenarios in horror, but it still works perfectly. The proof with Happyland, a manga in 2 volumes mixing a bit of Alice in Borderland, Squid Game and Saw. It’s a recipe that looks like it could satisfy the appetites of our most thrill-hungry readers. Check out the official synopsis:

The Komiya family is a family without history: the two parents love each other and are loving towards their two children. The latter are brilliant students and in good health. In short, in appearance, an ideal family that had everything to be happy!
At least that’s what they believed until the father decided to take the little tribe
spend a day at Happy Land park….


© 2020 Honda Shingo, Nihon Bungeisha

Released in October 2022 by Omake Books, the 2-volume series proclaimed itself “the craziest manga of the year”. And for good reason, Shingo Honda, author and mangaka of happyland, knew how to make his work a real UFO. Very rarely has a story turned out to be so gory and filled with suspense, plunging its reader into a palpable expectation of an end that no one can anticipate.

happyland is available in bookstores at the price of €7.50 per volume, or €15 for the perfect series for your Halloween party.

I will kill you in your dreamsfor a chilling Halloween

Between thriller and horror, Kakeru Ninomae and Yu Masuko’s manga is a series that only has 4 volumes. For aficionados of psychological violence less gory than in previous titles, I will kill you in your dreams seems like the perfect read for Halloween. Here is the official synopsis:


© 2018 Ninomae Kakeru / Masuko Yu, Kodansha

My sister was murdered eight years ago. The criminals: three teenagers of savage cruelty. The Juvenile Penal Code had allowed them to keep their faces and identities hidden, but I knew who they were, and I knew where to find them. They must have tasted my anger. I ended up hatching a plan to end their lives, but in the end it was me who came close to death… And as my desire for revenge reached its peak, I acquired a strange faculty… A dream power which would allow me to capture my prey without leaving a trace behind me…

Published by Pika editions, the story of Wataru and his terrible desire for revenge will make your blood run wild and your stomach turn. In addition, we can count on the impact of the drawings to reinforce this terrible anxiety that will nestle in your belly.

The first three volumes of I will kill you in your dreams are available in bookstores at a price of €7.20 each, and volume 4 for pre-order.


© 2018 Ninomae Kakeru / Masuko Yu, Kodansha

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Top 3 Must-Read 2022 Manga for Halloween

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