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Questioning is at the center of the 5th edition of the Young Filmmaker Days (JJC) which takes place from August 11 to 14, 2022.

The holding of the CAN Total Energies in Cameroon, in January and February 2022, caused the festival period to slip. Accustomed to hosting the JJC in February, the public had to wait until August this year 2022. Placed under the theme: Cinema, education and globalization: what content for our youth? The organizing committee wants to question the content of the films that the children watch. Especially since young people and children are on school holidays. Appropriate moment of all-out distraction under the indifferent gaze of the parents. Many foreign channels convey to little bits of African cabbage via satellite a culture that is not theirs. Constantly absent from their homes, parents observe the damage and society suffers. ” My son was possessed by demons and initiated into witchcraft by the cartoons. It took the help of the pastor to free him from this yoke Says Étienne ESSOMBA, a Christian parent met in Yaoundé. Unfortunately many parents do not have the same grace as this gentleman and peacefully witness the fall of their offspring. It is to reverse this trend that the Cinecamer association invites parents and educators to the Sita Bella room in Yaoundé on Saturday; August 13, 2022 to talk about it with professionals and find possible solutions.

Television and its courtyard side for children

Recent studies reveal that the influence of television on children depends on several factors: the number of hours spent in front of the small screen, their age, their personality, the fact of watching television alone or with adults and finally the discussions they will or will not have with their parents about the content viewed. The influence of violent content on children and young people no longer needs to be demonstrated. Although it is difficult to conclude a direct cause and effect relationship, there is a consensus that some children may be vulnerable to violent images and messages.

Nowadays, children are sprayed with messages, images and scenes of a sexual nature. All media (television, magazines, advertisements, music, movies and the Internet) are indulging in this. Parents often wonder if these messages are really healthy for their children. TV can be a powerful tool in educating young people about the responsibilities and risks of their sexual behavior. However, these issues are rarely adequately addressed in shows and programs with a lot of sexual content.

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Photo press conference of August 08, 2022

Back to the conference-debate common thread of the 5th edition of the days of the young filmmaker

Anniversary edition the days of young filmmakers is celebrated this year under the theme: Cinema, education and globalization: what content for our youth? In view of the relevance of this issue, the organizing committee invited a panel consisting of:

Ezeogu Simone Thierry: Psychologist and Pastor

Martin Poulibe: Actor, director, producer and screenwriter

Guy Prince Kamdem: Actor and Co-founder of the Actors Guild

Armelle Touko: CEO Editions Adrinka

Remember the days of young filmmakers is a cultural event that brings together professionals and amateurs of the 7th art in Cameroon each year. Founded in 2018 by journalist and blogger Maimounatou Bouzarka; its goal is to promote local films for young people, support them and encourage vocations to develop their skills and better equip them


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Questions about the content of films watched by children – In the spotlight – Journal Chrétien

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