Doss: A star under the sky of Carthage

The 56th session of the Carthage International Festival continues in its momentum, the atmosphere is feverish, even electric on this Tuesday 9 on the stage of the Roman Theater. Above all, we must thank the organizers for having programmed a show defined at the start as operatic, since this kind of creation, let’s face it, has little chance of attracting the general public.

Against all expectations, the theater was full, the public came in large numbers, attracted by the spectacular and popular side of the evening star Hassen Doss and his Band. This takes more and more space in the cultural landscape.

In a few years Hassen Doss, marked the spirits of his tenor voice by performing in theaters and performance halls in Tunisia and in some European cities. Tonight, he’s not inviting us to a performance as an opera singer, but to a show worthy of the shows of famous rockers (one thinks of those from the eighties). Note that for years the singer has varied his style, he turned to rock, electro, charming songs, in 2018, he revealed his game with the show “Carnaval”; in short Doss has created a world of his own, his style encompasses all styles, he defines it as the “Doss domain”, a form of “New Wave”. And it bites, the public hangs on with fervor. Let us add that the tenor is well served by the breadth of his voice, his body, his will, his rigor, his youth in short to jump easily from one genre to another.

This evening, the stage is extended by a long alley until reaching the bleachers, announcing the nature of the show: the adhesion of the public. Dressed for a big show, a red suit, embroidered jacket, a strip of white fabric on the back, Hassen Doss, the feline look, moves with ease, alternately between his big Band and his audience. A virtuoso dancer, a skilled gymnast, he never stopped jumping, his feet together, his long steps running.

In the dim light, he begins “Con Te Partiro” a lyrical song, by Andrea Bocelli, a story of rupture and pain, it catches on, Doss is in his element, his voice rises, rises in the sky, returns to the above the stands, the fluid and varied tessitura is appreciated by the public, the lights of the laptops are on (it has become a ritual as a sign of membership). Standing ovation.

The orchestra and the choir, masterfully directed by Fadi Ben Othman bend to all styles, from pop with Michael Jackson’s mythical song “Earth song”, Doss will say that he is, as any artist should be, concerned by the state of the environment, global warming etc.

Back to the love song, “Quand je t’aime” by Demis Roussos, follows a violin solo, a sax duet, clarinet, and nearly 40 more songs (no less) including “Ya Weldi”, a song written in collaboration with his mother (present at the show) and who aroused tight cheers, “Îchka” “Kattousset Ermad”, Doss pays tribute to Anouar Brahem, to whom he dedicates “Asfour Stah” which he interprets in his own way, funny and crispy.

The songs excited the audience who supported the sentences, who danced and applauded. Two hours of show, Doss invites children from SOS Gammarth on stage as a sign of his support for good works; acclaim from the public, the star is in heaven, the public too, Doss ensured his passage in Carthage, he struggled like a top athlete in Olympic form, as if the stage were a huge battle song. We salute.

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Doss: A star under the sky of Carthage

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