Now that Stunlock has the pressure, the studio talks about the future of V Rising

With one million sales in a single week, V Rising is the last sensation to tumble by surprise into Steam top sellers. On his official blog, stunlock (Battlerite) quickly looks back on the success of its vampiric survival game and train the future of its early access.

In reality, even though the contents and basic features constitute solid foundationsthe studio has not yet established long-term plans for V Risingstill busy collecting the first returns players in order to better meet their expectations and anticipate them. But at first, it is above all a question of fix bugs and point urgent balancing concerns.

Moreover, it is not enough to add simple content to extend lifetime and interest in V Rising :

Our mission will be to find out what is most important to our players and how to take V Rising to the next level. We currently plan to work on more comprehensive updates rather than rolling out frequent small fixes and minor changes. It’s too early to tell when the first major content patch for V Rising will arrive, as we’ll give it time to make sure it brings something new to the experience. This will require more patience from you as a fan! In the meantime, we’ll do our best to make sure the first content update will be worth the wait.

It is often the same pattern with early access which go off at top speed: this secures some financial stability for the studio, but these additional means are often a pain to implement to beand up to expectationsand this often lengthens the roadmap to version 1.0. Originally, stunlock was hoping to get out of the early access of V Rising within 12 monthsbut the surprise success of the title could change that.

The massive support received by V Rising will not only give us the opportunity to finalize our plans for the game, but it will also give us enough time to include some of your darkest dreams of what the experience may look like when the full output. We can promise you something very special for 1.0! In time… There will be more weapons to wield, loot to plunder, and sorcery to ward off. There will be more V Bloods with new challenges, lands to explore, and more ways to upgrade your castle to express your vampiric glory. A world that will feel fresh to dive into and sink your teeth into again and again. The vampiric journey is far from over.

Apart from a new visual, Stunlock does not offer much to get under the caninebut the studio promises that once the development team gets busy urgent tasks and that the point has been made on possible and achievable thingsa certain cruising speed will then be found.

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Now that Stunlock has the pressure, the studio talks about the future of V Rising

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