Kevin Guedj ready to bury the hatchet with Julien Tanti? He confides

It’s been more than a year since the two brothers cut ties. During an interview with, Kevin Guedj revealed that he was ready to reconcile with Julien Tanti.

Kevin Guedj and Carla Moreau are back with a new show. After The Mifbroadcast on MyCanalfans of the couple will be able to follow their new adventures in their new dynasty-show, Carla and Kevin: the time of reconciliations. Over the episodes, we will be able to witness the reunion of Carla with her father, to whom she no longer spoke for years, and those of Kevin and Nacca, who have been cold for several months.

Kevin Guedj and Carla Moreau @ Instagram

And the newlyweds aren’t done with reality TV. They are currently in the middle of filming a completely different program which will oppose them to the JLC Family. On this occasion, Kevin and Carla gave several interviews, including one to The young man took the opportunity to reveal whether former candidates from Marseilles will be part of his team:

candidates who have made The people of Marseillesyes…

He clarified. And to add that a possible return to the show that revealed it was not on the agenda:

Never say never, but that seems unlikely to me.

A reconciliation in sight with Julien Tanti?

Since the witchcraft affair scandal, Kevin and Carla have been forced to leave The people of Marseilles and cut ties with the members of the merry band, except Paga. However, if they had never clashed on social networks before, Julien Tanti declared hostilities last month by calling his former best friend a “traitor”. An attack that somewhat surprised Kevin:

I don’t know… Maybe he misses me, huh! I think he misses me, he must be bored without me… It was funnier when he was with me. I sent him a nice photo of the two of us, so he wouldn’t forget me, because he had lost it.

He said, visibly amused. And to make it clear that he nevertheless regretted not being so close to the king of problems:

Julien was a real friend. We loved each other a lot, we lived together, we experienced a lot of things together… Afterwards, it’s true that now, we live very far from each other, we no longer have to work together … So these are not easy things to sort out.

Who will take the first step?

A few days ago, little Ruby’s dad said in an interview with Tele-Leisure thathe was waiting for Julien to take the first step :

I don’t hold a grudge at all. I am too nice a boy. If you say two, three sweet words to me, you become my brother again.

Statements that did not react to the husband of Manon Marsault.

However, Kevin is not giving up hope and once again made it clear that he wanted to reconnect with his former best friend:

I’m going to send her flowers!

Did he launch the journalist of PureBreak. And to continue, more seriously:

We have a special relationship with Julien, it’s delicate… There are also women who come into play, all that, lots of things… We both have a family life, we live far from each other. other, it’s complicated. But he’s not someone I hate at all.

It is true that Carla Moreau and Manon Marsault, the respective wives of Kevin Guedj and Julien Tanti, never really got on well. Long before the witchcraft affair came to light, it was already common knowledge that the two women were far from being the best friends in the world.

Kevin Guedj, Manon Marsault, Julien Tanti and Carla Moreau
Kevin Guedj, Manon Marsault, Julien Tanti and Carla Moreau @ Instagram

So, in your opinion, will Julien Tanti be sensitive to the words of Kevin Guedj?

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Kevin Guedj ready to bury the hatchet with Julien Tanti? He confides

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