Here are all the cards in the New Capenna Commander decks

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A total of five Magic: The Gathering pre-built Commander decks will be released with the Streets of New Capenna together, featuring tricolor commanders synergizing with each of the five crime families.

L’ Streets of New Capenna (CNS) contains five crime families in each of the tricolor allied colors which have their own MTG mechanic. Complementing the Standard-legal set are five pre-built Commander decks for each of the five factions.

  • Dark Operation (WUB)
  • Massacre of the Maestros (UBR)
  • Riveter Rampage (BRG)
  • Cabaretti Cacophony (WRG)
  • Chief Brokers (WUG)

Each New Capenna The Commander deck contains a total of 100 cards with a recommended commander for building. There are 17 new MTG Commander cards in every game, plus a number of powerful reprints. the CNS Commander decks also come with two foil commanders, 10 double-sided tokens, a life counter, and a cardboard box to hold your cards.

As a bonus, each CNS The Commander deck contains a New Capenna collectible booster sample that has a guaranteed Mythic Rare or Rare with special treatment and an uncommon or common leaf.

Here are the five New Capenna Commander decks and all the cards they contain.

Dark Operation

The Obscura Operation Commander deck is in MTG Esper colors, highlighting the CNS Connive mechanic. Kamiz, Obscura Oculus is the face commander for the deck, synergizing with Connive and Aggressive gameplay.

Massacre of the maestros

Presenting the MTG The colors of Grixis are the Massacre of the Maestros CNS Commander bridge. Maestros use the new casualty mechanic with Anhelo, the Painter, as the face commander for the bridge. The Maestros Massacre Commander deck focuses on instant and sorcery spells, as well as copying those spells through Casualty. Anhelo, the Painter has Deathtouch, and the first instant or sorcery spell cast each turn has a loss of two.

Rampage of the riveters

Aggressive and large creatures are contained in the New Capenna Riveteers Rampage Commander deck, featuring the Blitz mechanic. Harnessing typical Jund synergies, the Riveteers Rampage Commander deck offers aggressive gameplay via the Blitz mechanic, as well as large creatures to finish off your opponents.

The Face Commander is Henzie “Toolbox” Torre, an evil rogue who grants each creature you cast a mana value of four or more Blitz. Each Blitz cost is reduced by one for each time you cast your Commander from the Command Zone this game.

Cacophony Cabaretti

Highlighting the Naya colors, the Cabaretti cacophony CNS The Commander deck focuses on tokens and aggressive large-scale gameplay. The face commander for the deck is Kitt Kanto, Mayhem Diva, a 3/3 Barded Cat Druid. Upon entering the battlefield, Kitt creates a 1/1 citizen token. At the beginning of combat on either player’s turn, you may tap two untapped creatures you control to give target creature +2/+2 and Trample until end of turn while also goading that creature.

Brokers amazed

Brokers ready CNS The Commander bridge is in the MTG Bant colors, showcasing the shield counter mechanism. Perrie, the Pulverizer is the primary commander of the deck, placing a shield counter on a creature when it enters the battlefield. Whenever Rhino attacks, a creature you control gains Trample while getting +X/+X until end of turn, where “X” equals the number of different types of counters you have among permanents that you control.

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Here are all the cards in the New Capenna Commander decks

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