Harry Potter: Tom Felton has had sorcery in him since childhood!

On his Twitter account, Tom Felton (Harry Potter) shared a photo where he proved that he had witchcraft in him since childhood!

A few years ago, Tom Felton managed to make himself known thanks to his participation in Harry Potter. And the least we can say is that he has since his early childhood.

A wizard’s soul long before Harry Potter

Tom Felton has become a big movie star thanks to his role in Harry Potter. The one who interpreted Drago for years has won over many fans over the years.

One thing is certain, Tom Felton (Harry Potter) was destined to become a wizard. In any case, this is what a family photo recently proved. Indeed, on his Twitter account, he shared a very amazing picture.

In this shot, the young man posed with his best smile. Armed with a wand, he looked happier than ever. In the caption of his photo, he also wrote: “Early wand training”.

A few years later, the young man also joined the saga. It would therefore seem that he was right in the future, and this since his early childhood. On the other hand, he has almost never participated.

In an interview with One Show, Tom Felton (Harry Potter) revealed: “They lined up all the Dracos, I guess, and asked them were they most excited to see it made into a movie”.

Before adding: “I kind of repeated what the guy next to me said and Chris Columbus, the director, saw right through my lie, and that maybe helped me out. land the role of Draco.

Actor Tom Felton will soon release a book

Tom Felton (Harry Potter) had confessed that he never read the Harry Potter books. However, it didn’t hurt him at all. The actor was quickly

The actor of Harry Potter has also decided to write a book to reveal the underside of the shooting. Fans are looking forward to know more about his work.

According to several rumors, the autobiography of the young man should be released on October 13, 2022. It will therefore be necessary to show a little patience before discovering it. In the meantime, he decided to taser her.

Tom Felton (Harry Potter) confided: “During lunch, we all went to the canteen, which was always a good time. There was not no separation of roles.

Before adding: “An electrician stood in line to eat his meal next to a witch and a goblin, a cameraman, a carpenter. And then from Hagrid”.

Thanks to the new book by Tom Felton (Harry Potter), fans will be able to learn a little more about the secrets of the saga. It remains to be seen whether he will reveal crisp information that the saga did not reveal in the meeting of 20 years.

As a reminder, several actors of the films have decided to meet. 20 years after the release of the first film, they had a great reunion. An idea that allowed fans to know a little more about their relationship to all!

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Harry Potter: Tom Felton has had sorcery in him since childhood!

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