Top Chef 2022: The reservation ticket office of the top chef bistro faces a fan invasion!

The official opening of Stéphane Rotenberg’s top chef bistro will take place on July 8th. Make your reservation now!

The final of the Top Chef program took place on Wednesday June 15, 2022. During this final battle, the young chefs Louise and Arnaud competed for the title of the best chef in France. If you missed this final encounter, don’t be sad!

We offer you another way to meet these reality TV heroes. Stéphane Rotenberg, the presenter of the program has just opened his own restaurant. It is located in Suresnes! He titled it by the name of the television program. A little bird told us that these finalists will be present at the official opening! The details

The top chef bistro will soon be open to the general public!

One day, Stéphane Rotenberg publicized his dream of creating his own restaurant. That’s it ! We discovered that this host’s top chef bistro is already on the way. According to the information obtained, the inauguration of the place will take place on July 8, 2022 in Suresnes. For the pleasure of your taste buds, we inform you that all the famous dishes of the show will be served in this bar !

Like awakening your taste senses, the specificity of this heavenly dining area is its reincarnation of the different aspects of the program. It should be noted that all the kitchen and service utensils used in this restaurant will be totally identical to those used in Top chef. What will allow you to enjoy the moment as if you were on the program set!

For example, you could find all the quality dishes, the decorations inspired by the trays and even the service silverware during the show in this top chef bistro. Most sensational of all is that it is the very candidates of the program who will contribute in the kitchen. We note that these are not all the winners of each season but those who wowed the juries !

In addition, Stephan Rotenberg has ensured that there is a representative of each season in the service. To this end, we note that Camille Delcroix, (season 9), Coline Falquier, (season 7), Victor Mercier (season 9), Thibaut Sombardier, (season 5), and Norbert Tarayre (season 3) will be there! The big surprise is that the grand finalists Louise and Arnaud will also be part of the team top chef bistro!

Book your place now for the official opening!

True, they are still a few days before the restaurant opens. However, the information we got is that the reservation is already quite tight. Within just a few hours of the opening of the ticket office, some days are already jam-packed with reservations. It seems that everyone is eager to discover this new restaurant in the image of top chef!

It should be noted that the majority of customers on the reservation list for the special restaurant are adventure viewers and fans. The most striking thing about this situation is that the real motivation of the latter to go to the inauguration is to meet their favorite Top Chef candidates. Then, it’s right after that they also want to taste their delicious dishes!

As according to reliable sources, the finalists of this year’s Top chef 2022 program will attend the event, the motivation to go there becomes more ardent! Indeed, for those who were unable to meet Louise and Arnaud during the final, we reveal to you that this is your lucky day. Go to this celebration to meet them and take selfies with them!

If you are decided, don’t wait any longer make your reservation ! Fix the day you want to go there by buying a ticket. It should be noted that the day of Saturday July 09 is already full. We recommend that you find a special occasion that you will be completely free to attend. For your information, Stéphane Rotenberg’s top chef bistro will always open its doors for you!

Top chef: The menu offered by the restaurant is very affordable!

We assure you that you will not regret your visit to the restaurant. Since Stephan Rotenberg’s top chef bistro is exceptional! It will allow you to see all the colors whether in terms of the setting of the place, the taste of the dishes and the welcoming atmosphere!

All this thanks to a modest sum of nothing at all! The menu costs only €39.99 only ! However, you will have the total with a starter, a main course and a dessert. At the same time, you can have a good time with the top chef’s favorite candidates!

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Top Chef 2022: The reservation ticket office of the top chef bistro faces a fan invasion!

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