Ticket To Paradise: where was this rom-com with George Clooney and Julia Roberts shot?

Ticket To Paradise where was this rom com with George Clooney

In theaters since Wednesday, “Ticket To Paradise” brings together the duo George Clooney-Julia Roberts in an idyllic setting. But where was this romantic comedy filmed? Ticket to Paradise by Ol Parker Starring George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Kaitlyn Dever… What is it about ? An estranged couple come together to try to stop their daughter from … Read more

Top Chef 2022: The reservation ticket office of the top chef bistro faces a fan invasion!

The official opening of Stéphane Rotenberg’s top chef bistro will take place on July 8th. Make your reservation now! The final of the Top Chef program took place on Wednesday June 15, 2022. During this final battle, the young chefs Louise and Arnaud competed for the title of the best chef in France. If you … Read more