Ten good reasons to go to the TNB festival in Rennes

The National Theater of Brittany organizes from November 15 to 27, 2022 its festival in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine). Here are ten good reasons to go.

1-Because football and culture unite

It’s a cover. Mohamed El Khatib, director of documentary theater comes to present Stadium, with 53 Lens supporters, who come on stage to confide their addiction to football. A festive show in two parts with sale of beer and fries at halftime.

2-To travel

The festival will welcome several international artists, such as Alice Ripoll, Brazilian choreographer, with a show that resonates with her country’s presidential elections; Victor de Oliveira, born in Mozambique, who questions the place of mestizos in contemporary Portugal; Robyn Orlin, South African choreographer, who reveals the complexity of her country through her creations; or Qudus Onikeku, Nigerian choreographer, whose show evokes reincarnation.

Reincarnation of Qudus Onikeku | DR

3-To discover young designers

The festival will give the floor to young artists, such as the Breton Lena Paugam, who stages with For a while be little, a monologue by a trans woman, around the question of gender. Alice Zeniter (2017 Goncourt High School Students Prize), with I am a girl without history, interested in how stories are told, never neutral. Tiphaine Raffier with The song (reboot)questions the dreams of young girls today.

I am a girl without a story by Alice Zeniter | SIMON GOSSELIN

4-For the look of François Tanguy

François Tanguy (Théâtre du Radeau), a major figure on the contemporary scene, comes to present his new creation By autan, singular spectacle. “Like a great ritual poem, a journey”, explains Arthur Nauzyciel, director of the TNB. The autan is a wind coming from the open sea and going towards the mountain, which will blow on stage “with mysterious presences and a moving decor. »

5-To see mermaids

52 Hertz, a young company from Rennes which was created during confinement, offers a burlesque crossing with three actresses. The scene takes place in the Jardin d’Acclimatation, with sirens, strange and iconic creatures around the question of femininity and animality.

The Song (reboot) | SIMON GOSSELIN

6-To go behind the scenes of the Miss Poitou Charente election

In Stand upSuzanne de Baecque, recounts her dive behind the scenes of the Miss Poitou Charente election, with the competitors, “to tell about a feminine and not a feminist generation”

Stand Up by Suzanne de Baeque | JEAN LOUIS FERNANDEZ

7-To try the vivarium experience

Sara Leghissa offers a sensory experience, the immersion and wandering of spectators equipped with headphones in a vivarium, thus proposing to modify the perception of reality.

8-To hear what young people have experienced during confinement

Laure Catherin, who went to school at the TNB, listened to the young students of Rennes 2 University after confinement, collected their testimonies, in parallel with the exploration of the poem. howl by Allen Ginsberg who conveys the desires and confusions of American youth.

9-To watch spinning Round

Round, great literary success of Arthur Schnitzler, is a show born of an invitation by Arthur Nauzyciel to the National Theater in Prague. This round is a metaphor for contagion. The premiere of the show will take place on November 3 in Prague where Mozart created Don Giovanni. The play censored in 1904 will be the pretext for anti-Semitic persecutions, “Mounting it makes sense in times of a pandemic and the rise of extremes. »

On the Royal Way by Ludovic Lagarde | GWENDAL LEFLEM

10-To understand the flaws of Western democracies

Christèle Tual is an actress, born in Rennes, favorite actress of director Ludovic Lagarde. Alone on stage with a make-up artist who will transform her live in front of the public, she embodies On the royal road the vitriolic text written by the Austrian Elfried Jelinek (Nobel Prize for Literature 2004), the day after the election of Donald Trump.

From November 15 to 27, 2022, all programming on:

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Ten good reasons to go to the TNB festival in Rennes

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