Outings in Lyon: the cultural selection from January 11 to 17

New week of outings in Lyon with the cultural selection of the editorial staff. Where Switzerland is honored in theater and music. The piano too. Do not hesitate to complete with your good plans in comments.

Swiss underground

It’s true, you have to be a fan of Swiss underground rock to know about Cyril Cyril. Behind this duo, there is a little more than bringing together two guys named Cyril. It’s a crossroads of universes and personalities that creates avant-garde sparks. On the one hand, Cyril Yeterian, seen alongside the Cajun music trio Mama Rosin (a must-listen) and Les Frères Souchet (his country offshoot), also responsible for the excellent Bongo Joe label. On the other, Cyril Bondi, a national of La Tène. The two lead a boat as devastating as it is tottering, to moor on the shores of the world’s sound system between tradition and creative ultra-modernity. A UFO in its place at the Periscope.

Cyril Cyrilat Periscope, on January 11

blue hour

A young photographer who graduated from the National School of Photography in Arles in 2020 and settled in Lyon, Siouzie Albiach delivers with Frontier Hour his very first exhibition. Willingly working with enigmatic characters and uncertain lights, the photographer focuses here on this time interval where the atmosphere becomes blurred. Trapped in shadow and light that tend to become one. “Between dog and wolf”, “blue hour”… Siouzie Albiach gives thanks to these moments when uncertainty blurs perception. A promising photographer.

Siouzie Albiach – Border Hourat Galerie NörKa, from January 11 to February 18

Frontier Hour. Siouzie Albiach. Portrait.

piano lesson

“A counter-history of the piano”, this is what the Underground Opera and its programmer Richard Robert intend to deliver. From Erik Satie to Pascal Comelade, roughly speaking. The first being undoubtedly the most singular of the great historical pianists. The second, who will close the event for two evenings, is not even really a pianist. Rather a guy who plays with instruments, often in a toy format. Here, he will revisit his plethoric popular avant-garde work. Also on the program, Mario Stantchev and a copious contribution from François Mardirossian with a piano repertoire like no other for five evenings (Satie, Ravel, Rosemary Brown, Mompou, Blind Tom Wiggins, Nyiregyhazi…).

piano undergroundat the Opéra Underground, until January 15th.

Cecile, what a girl!

We all have one day (and even several) listened to someone or someone telling us about their life for three hours. With the idea in mind of finding a way out of such a trap. Just thinking about it, we would hardly be a candidate for such a spectacle – even less if we have to pay for it. But with Cecile, piece from Switzerland, it’s different. Cécile is the actress Marion Duval, who plays a young woman working at the hospital, porn-ecoloactivist, defender of migrants, and incidentally reincarnation of Bob Marley (it remains to be proven), who has a multitude of things to tell . And above all has a gift for it. Truth be told, that’s all that matters. And guess what, Cécile exists in real life.

Outings in Lyon TNG Cécile Marion Duval
Cecile by Marion Duval. Photo: Mathilda Olmi

Cecileto TNG Ateliers-Presqu’ileJanuary 12, 13 and 14.

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Outings in Lyon: the cultural selection from January 11 to 17

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