Outings in Lyon: the cultural selection from January 11 to 17

Outings in Lyon the cultural selection from January 11 to

New week of outings in Lyon with the cultural selection of the editorial staff. Where Switzerland is honored in theater and music. The piano too. Do not hesitate to complete with your good plans in comments. Swiss underground It’s true, you have to be a fan of Swiss underground rock to know about Cyril Cyril. … Read more

Our selection of the most anticipated series in 2023

Our selection of the most anticipated series in 2023

If 2023 will be a good year for moviegoers, series fans should find their accounts there. Streaming platforms have some nice surprises in store for us. Whether you’re waiting for the sequel to your favorite series or can’t wait to discover something new, you’ll love 2023. We’ve selected the 16 series we’re looking forward to. … Read more

Beaux livres pour Noël – la sélection culture

1671817153 Beaux livres pour Noel la selection culture

Notre sélection de beaux livres qui illumineront votre Noël. Quand on partait de bon matin C’est bien connu : à vélo dans Paris on dépasse les autos. Robert Doisneau en savait quelque chose. Sa vie durant il a photographié les cyclistes: hirondelles en service, pistards, livreurs de pain ou de journaux, amoureux en tandem et … Read more

The selection of… – The Dark Side Of The Moon, the stranger, Wings of Desire… Alain Aufrère’s cultural choices

Book The great minds of the Revolution meet

Retired very active, Alain Aufrère is both in the association of the candidacy of Bourges European Capital of Culture and the association Territory Zéro Chômeur since last July. Disk. “I am eclectic. The first record that comes to mind is The Dark Side of the Moon, one of the Pink Floyd records I was listening … Read more

“Émilie Jolie”, “The Lion King”… Our selection of shows for young and old at Christmas

Emilie Jolie The Lion King… Our selection of shows for

Irish exile in Aubervilliers The confinements almost put him on the ground. Not Bartabas , who is not one to let go. In 2020, he surprised his world again with the publication of a very beautiful book devoted to the horses which gave meaning to his life (From one horse to another, Gallimard). Zingaro, on … Read more

It’s hot in the cottages! The editorial staff’s selection of candles – Auparfum

Diptych, head in the stars After one Pumpkin very realistic and complex, the famous Parisian house offers us its traditional Christmas limited editions, inspired this year by “the contemplation of the starry vault”which she offers in three creations. Spark, with a dark red hue, plays on a rather gourmet register: mixing coffee and cocoa almost … Read more

Shows, exhibitions, outings: our weekend selection

Shows exhibitions outings our weekend selection

Posted Nov 18, 2022 6:04 AM Contemporary dance The Espace des Arts, Chalon-sur-Saône The trance of dance began this week at the Espace des arts in Chalon thanks to the Transdanses which invite, as every autumn, the best of the contemporary scene. To pick from the rich program, the Portuguese choreographer Marco Da Silva this … Read more

Christmas gift ideas: our special astrology decoration selection

Star Academy what happened to Carine Haddadou candidate for the

According a YouGov study for Version Femina, nearly a third of French people said they believed in astrology in 2020. And this trend has not since declined: there is an effervescence around astrology, lithotherapy and more broadly esotericism. Just look at the shelves of stores devoted to this area, which are growing visibly. Perhaps you … Read more

Vos enfants passent trop de temps sur les écrans ? Voici la solution avec notre sélection de conteuses pour Noël

Vos enfants passent trop de temps sur les ecrans

Ordinateur, tablette, téléphone… À l’ère du tout numérique, de plus en plus de parents cherchent à limiter les écrans aux enfants. Voici des alternatives pour votre enfant, sans écran ni connexion, de belles idées cadeau pour Noël ! FABA de 0 à 6 ans Grâce à ses personnages sonores à collectionner FABA raconte des histoires et … Read more