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Like Emmanuel Macron announcing a bill against Islamist separatism in the aftermath of the assassination of Samuel Paty by a Chechen Islamist terrorist, Gerald Darmanin and Olivier Dussopt have, in an interview with World published this Wednesday morning, then on BFM-TV in the afternoon of the same day, set out the main principles of the immigration bill, announced for the beginning of 2023.

In a similar style exercise, therefore, to the Paty affair, it is difficult not to make the link between the tempo of this interview and the sordid murder of little Lola. By invoking a bill, the executive wants to convince that it is acting. In difficulty on the subject of the famous obligations to leave the territory, Darmanin defends itself as best it can and highlights the difficulties of application: “ nearly 50% of OQTFs are the subject of appeals that suspend them. One of the provisions of the bill which will be examined in early 2023 in Parliament is to greatly simplify the procedures and to reduce from twelve to four categories of appeal, to execute the measures much more quickly. », he says this Wednesday morning at World. In summary, OQTFs are not enforced and it is never their fault “, points out the RN deputy of Vaucluse Hervé de Lépinau, who castigates “ a permanent double-talk »

Hard softening or soft hardening?

In matters of evidence, Gerald Darmanin is the reincarnation of La Palisse: “ The presumed assassin of little Lola, who came with a student visa for a CAP and remained irregular on our soil for three years. No one wondered where this person was. It is a problem “. A problem indeed. And the tenant of Place Beauvau has done it again Wednesday afternoon on BFM-TV, with this splendid: I do not make a link between immigration and delinquency (…) but it would be absurd not to note that some of the foreigners in the big cities commit the main part, more than half of the acts of delinquency “. Do not link while linking. A clever variation of the macronist at the same time.

And everything is the same bill. While wanting to toughen the immigration policy, the Dussopt-Darmanin duo also wants to facilitate the reception conditions for a professional immigration supposed to relieve the sectors under tension. Understand the workforce. ” We would like, especially in shortage occupations, such as construction, that the immigrant worker in an irregular situation can request the possibility of remaining in the territory without going through the employer. “says Olivier Dussopt. Tighten the migration policy by facilitating immigration therefore…” We are going to relive the sketch of the Separatism Law “, sighs an opposition MP. Indeed, this one, renamed moreover “Law confirming the respect of the principles of the Republic” will have had only a limited effect and will have been patiently deconstructed and unraveled by a left opposition and denied as and when by a majority paralyzed by the idea of ​​passing for Islamophobe. Are we heading towards an equivalent scenario? ” Obviously, we will read this project carefully and we will amend it accordingly. “, we warn on the side of the RN. Darmanin, moreover, does not forget them: If there were no more immigration problems in France, there would be no more National Front”. A good track to study? ” If France regains its sovereignty, our fellow citizens a free and decent life and security a recovery, I would be happy to put the key under the door “, replies a deputy from the National Rally. Not for tomorrow then.

Basically, the whole drama of this country is summed up in one sentence by the indescribable Darmanin: ” All foreign who commits an act of serious delinquency will be expelled”. Intention without action. Verbiage without execution. Let’s spare the first cop in France the suspense: all criminals under OQTF were deportable. The problem is that they were not expelled. And this fundamental deficiency is neither fatalistic nor metaphysical, it is eminently political. In the meantime, Darmanin promises: “ We gotta be nice to the good guys and mean to the bad guys “. It promises.

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Immigration Project: Even more and always more…

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