Why is the Chainsaw Demon special?

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Fans can’t get enough of Chainsaw Man these days. With numerous demons and demon hunters with unique powers, and unparalleled action scenes with lots of bloodshed, each episode of the series keeps viewers in suspense. For those who have discovered the universe of Chainsaw Man with its animated adaptation, Denji’s chainsaw powers may seem fascinating, but it is difficult to understand what is so special about him. He has exceptional combat skills and kills his enemies in the most brutal way possiblebut that’s what all the demons in the series do.

So we ask ourselves a very simple question: is there anything special about the Chainsaw Demon that makes it stand out? Or is he like the other demons, and all he has is a few good moves?

Attention ! This article contains SPOILERS for Chainsaw Man.

Is Chainsaw Devil special? If yes, why ?

If you’ve read the Chainsaw Man manga, you know that most demons, including the strongest of them all, the Demon-Domination, aka Makimadesires the heart of the Chainsaw Demon. Other known characters who can be seen targeting his heart throughout the series are the Demon-Gun, RezeQuanxi, the Demon-Hell, the Demon-Eternity and Santa Claus. But what makes them so desperate for Pochitawho now resides in Denji’s heart?

In Chainsaw Man, demons never completely die. Even if someone kills them, they are never permanently erased from existence. As long as people remember their namethey come back to life in a new form. The difference is that their new reincarnation is in Hell instead of Earth. But being killed by the Chainsaw Demon is an exception. When a demon is consumed by the Chainsaw Demon, its existence is permanently erased and its name is automatically erased from people’s minds, making it impossible to bring it back to life.

This is the reason why the Chainsaw Demon is known as the Hero of Hell and is feared by demons, which makes it even stronger because the power of a demon is directly linked to the fear that inhabits others. Even Makima considers herself inferior to the Chainsaw Demon, and for that reason alone, she makes people worship herself, in order to feel strong enough to defeat him.

The demons consumed by the Chainsaw Demon

Chainsaw Man is set in 1997, and Tatsuki Fujimoto changed the course of history in the series. Incidents, pandemics and concepts like AIDS, World War II, the eruption of Mount Hio, nuclear weapons, the Sixth Sense and the Nazi system no longer exist as their respective demons have been consumed by the Demon- Chain saw. Other demons consumed by him are the Arnolone Syndrome Demon, the Starlight Demon that breaks children’s minds, and the SOA Demon.

What powers does the Chainsaw Demon have?


Besides the unique power to permanently erase someone’s existence, thehe Chainsaw Demon possesses immense speed and strength. You can imagine its strength by the fact that the Chainsaw Demon (in its strongest form) is not capable of social interaction like giving a hug or shaking hands as it might harm others. He grows chainsaws on his hands, legs and head, which he uses to defeat his enemies. The more blood Denji has in his body, the stronger the chainsaws become, allowing him to easily kill his enemies.

The Chainsaw Man can also detach his chains to catch his enemies or prevent them from escaping. His healing and regeneration abilities are so impressive that he can regenerate his entire body from the core. Denji cleverly uses this ability during his fight against Makima by removing Pochita from his body and miming himself to trick her.

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Why is the Chainsaw Demon special?

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