Numerology: here’s how to know the value of your first name!

Here is the method to learn more about the value of your first name in numerology!

The numerology is an art divination which can help you to know yourself better, like classical astrology. Here the twelve signs of the zodiac give way to figures and letters whose meaning will soon have no more secrets for you!

By calculating the value of your first name and your name you access figures which will then allow you to establish and understand yourprofile numerological either to discover your figure staff.

How to know your personal number and understand its meaning all in 2 steps? We tell you everything!

Numerology: how to calculate the value of a first name?

The value numerological of your first name matches your figure staff. Depending of letters of your first namewe can know a little more about your personality. The calculation to be made for this takes into account each letter of your first name since they all have a value in numerology.

here is value of each letter :

  • a, j, s, é, è, ê, ç = 1
  • b, k, t, ö = 2
  • c, l, u, ù, û = 3
  • d, m, v = 4
  • e, n, w, ê, î = 5
  • f, o, x, ä, ô = 6
  • g,p,y= 7
  • h, q, z, u = 8
  • i, r, at, â, ï = 9

Below you will find a table that groups these values.

Please consider the above data to make match and add each letter of your first name and thus know its value.

Take for example Alexia, if A = 1, L= 3, E = 5, X = 6 and I = 9 A= 1. The sum is therefore (1 + 3 + 5 + 6 + 9 + 1) 25, or 7 ( 2+ 5 ). The value of first name ofAlexia is therefore 7.

Numerology: how to interpret the numbers?

Once you have the result of the value of your first name, all you have to do is interpret it! In numerology, each number has a meaning :

He announces everything that begins and begins. It also represents ambition and professional success.

This figure symbolizes the couple, union and cooperation. It also refers to people who have a lack of self-confidence and who are very dependent on others.

This figure relates to communication, interaction with the world and with others. This figure also refers to cerebral people, much like the earth signs in Western astrology.

The control of events, the realization of ideas, the pragmatic aspect of daily life… These are the things that relate directly to this figure. the figure 4 also refers to people who know how to make decisions and organize with rigor.

This figure refers to the need for freedom, pleasure, affective life. It also symbolizes idealistic people.

the figure 6 corresponds to beauty, harmony, and perfection! People affected by this figure seek balance at all costs and refuse complicated things.

The lucky charm ! It symbolizes luck, fortune and spirituality. People whose first name corresponds to this figure are often lonely.

The 8 represents power, charisma, and money. If you get this figure, you are certainly driven by certain excesses or are capable of taking all the risks.

the figure 9 signifies movement, travel and openness to others. Humanism and equality are very important to people who are ruled by this figure.

And you, what is your personal number? Do the math!

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Numerology: here’s how to know the value of your first name!

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