Personal year 5: your year 2021 with tarot and numerology

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For the number of your personal yearadd your day and month of birth to the number 5 (which is the reduction of 2021), then reduce the result until you get a number between 1 and 9.

For example, if you were born on February 18, add day 18 = 1+8 = 9 + month 2 + current year 2021 = 2+0+2+1 = 5.

9+2+5 = 16 = 1+6 = 7

For your way of life, just add all the numbers in your date of birth and then reduce them between 1 and 9.

For example, if you were born on February 18, 1961, add day 18 = 1+8 = 9 + month 2 + year 1961 = 1+9+6+1 = 17 = 1+7 = 8

9+2+8 = 19 = 1+9 = 10 = 1

We therefore have in the birth draw of this example the arcana 1 of the Bateleur and its octaves the 10 The Wheel of Fortune and the 19 the Sun.

We also have by the day of birth the 18 the Moon and in reduction the 9 the Hermit.

We have by the month 2 the High Priestess and by the year, the 8 the Justice.

We also have by the addition of the day and the month (which is used to calculate the personal year), the 11 the Force.

All these mysteries will constitute the cross birth draw. We could also add the mysteries of the Name and First Name, by transposing the letters into numbers. We place the arcana octaves under the first numerically inferior arcana.

You can make a summary of your figure for the year and that of your life path.

Do not forget that the latter accompanies you all your life. The number of the year will bring him activations, concrete fields of experience, new colors to discover.

To help you in the interpretation, you will find below the essential significance of the numbers and their arcane correspondences.

If you find in your numbers the 5, 11, 21, 22 this year can be of great importance for the blossoming of your consciousness and your participation in the World. But in one way or another, the arcana XXI, linked to this year 2021, calls everyone to participate in the World, to understand the true meaning of the “crown”, of “victory”.

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Certain numbers receive several arcana, each arcana represents a level of consciousness to be integrated. So every number is on a line of consciousness integration. You can therefore refer to these mysteries and feel how they speak to you about your life. This is also true with the number of your life path, which can accommodate several arcana, as in the example above. Which gives a sort of reading of your birth Tarot, like a natal astrological chart. See the analogies between the different cards, which stands out from the set.

To visualize the mysteries of your life path and this year

Symbolic table of the meanings of numbers and their mysteries. If you are in a personal year:

1 the Juggler (10 the Wheel of Fortune and 19 the Sun): In this year of the beginning of the cycle, of the beginning, how are you going to respect your integrity, dare your uniqueness, develop your own creativity? By the resonance of this year 5, your desire for independence and freedom will be all the stronger.

2 the High Priestess (11 Strength and 20 Judgment): How will you seek to connect in this year marked by associations? With flexibility and diplomacy, will you ask for help, collaborate, create circles? By the resonance of this year 5, you will want freedom in your couple, in your associations.

3 the Empress (12 le Pendu and 21 le Monde): It’s a year to assert yourself in your vision of things, to be curious and creative, so that your projects grow. In confidence and optimism, will you be able to find the right balance to get out of duality? By the resonance of this year 5, you will have energy to spare in your personal expression.

4 the Emperor (13 and 22 le Mat): This is the number of stability, the ideal year to lay solid foundations both professionally and family-wise. Will you answer the call to participate in a work for the common good? “Good work is love made visible” says Khalil Gibran. In resonance with the 5 of this year, it will not be easy to stay in your old ways. There are risks to be taken for change.

5 the Pope (14 Temperance): You are in the middle of the 9 year cycle, it is a key year with changes of all kinds, especially since it is the number of the year 2021. So it is without zero doubt your big year. So will you dare to free yourself, assume your choices, take your independence and experience the totality of the being that you are?

6 the Lover (15 le Diable): This is the emotional year par excellence. The key word is balance. Will you be able to unite your feminine and your inner masculine, to decide from the intuition of your heart? In resonance with the 5, it is the year of a crucial choice to be made, more than ever there are decisions to be made.

7 the Chariot (16 the House of God): This is the year of great questioning, of solitary reflections. This is the time to develop a deep knowledge of yourself, thanks to meditation, introspection or taking of awareness of a certain spiritual truth. In resonance with the 5th of this year, all the energy is pushed towards the exploration of consciousness and the inner liberation of conditioning.

8 Justice (17 l’Etoile): This is the year of expansion, a harbinger of achievement and success. Your efforts will finally be rewarded. In resonance with the 5, you will give yourself all the freedom to achieve your goals.

9 the Hermit (18 the Moon): This is the year of the outcome of situations. Are you ready, based on the results of the past 9 years, to accept the end for a new beginning (in year 9, we are doing something new)? In resonance with year 5, you will be ready for the sacrifices necessary to live your spiritual aspiration, your humanist dream.

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Personal year 5: your year 2021 with tarot and numerology

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