Numerology 2020: your predictions for the year

Through the symbolism of numbers, numerology sheds light on the events that affect our existence. 2020 is a year that launches the process of renewal in the construction of the individual collective world. 22 there you have it…a hell of a year focused on the feminine and relationship ties.

Rather twice than once – the year 2020 is a double 20 – we are called this year to discernment for fair justice. 2020 is twice the arcana 20 of the Tarot “the judgement”, on which the archangel Gabriel sounds the call to get out of the hole, after going to the bottom, tapping his foot to start the ascent, waking up, act in renewal.

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In resonance with the 22° of Capricorn mentioned in the previous article, the number 2 is essential this year. First even number, it symbolizes the manifested feminine principle and reliance. This is no doubt why the feminine is currently emerging and requires a revaluation of the sacred.

2020 = 20+20 = 40

Like the symbolic biblical reference to the 40 days in the desert or medically to the quarantine in the event of an epidemic, the number 40 indicates an interior work which will make it possible to come out of the temptation to build things only from the ego, which sooner or later leads to disaster. 2020 invites us to build a collective work in which the ego puts itself fully at the service of benevolence for all.

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In reduction, the number of the year is 4, it symbolizes our reassuring base. It encourages us to continue the work undertaken in a very concrete way, to build on solid foundations. In this it is associated with the square and calls for a just order. In the symbolism of the Tarot, it is linked to the seat of the Emperor, therefore to fair governance.

Calculate your number of the year and your life path

Add your day and month of birth to the number 4 (which is the reduction of 2020), then reduce the result until you get a number between 1 and 9. Example, you were born on February 18 = 18+2+4 = 24 = 6.

For your life path, add all the numbers of your date of birth, then reduce between 1 and 9. This number will accompany you all your life:

  • the 1 creativity and confidence,
  • the 2 cooperation and balance,
  • the 3 expression and sensitivity,
  • the 4 stability and method,
  • the 5 freedom and discipline,
  • the 6 vision and acceptance,
  • the 7 faith and openness,
  • the 8 abundance and power,
  • the 9 integrity and wisdom

You can make a summary of your figure for the year and that of your life path. The number of the year will bring him activations, concrete fields of experience, new colors to discover.

Example : my Life Path is 1 and my personal year is 2. I associate the keyword of number 2 “collaborate” with that of number 1 “startup and creativity”. I can deduce that a creative collaboration can take place this year, in which everyone will respect their independence and help the other in their uniqueness.

Year 1, Beginning and Positivity

In this year of the beginning of the cycle, of the beginning, how are you going to respect your integrity, dare your singularity?

Year 2, mutual aid and listening

How will you seek to connect, associate, ask for help and collaborate?

Year 3, externalization and resolution

It’s a year to assert yourself in your vision, to be curious and creative. It is in confidence and optimism that your projects will grow.

Year 4, hard work and courage

It is the number of stability, the ideal year to lay solid foundations on the professional and family level. You are fully in resonance with the year 2020.

Year 5, change and independence

You are in the middle of the 9 year cycle, it is a key year with changes of all kinds. Do you dare to free yourself, assume your choices, take your independence?

Year 6, choice and adaptation

This is the emotional year par excellence. Will you be able to unite your feminine and your inner masculine, to decide from the intuition of your heart?

Year 7, meditation and pacification

This is the year of great questioning, of solitary reflections. Now is the time to develop a deep understanding of yourself, through meditation and introspection.

Year 8, growth and success

This is the year of expansion, a harbinger of achievement and success. Your efforts will finally be rewarded.

Year 9, fulfillment and purification

This is the year of the outcome of situations. Are you ready, based on the results of these past 9 years, to accept the end for a new beginning (in year 9, we are doing something new)?

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Numerology 2020: your predictions for the year

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