Good plans and advice: a little nap and it’s back on track!

A little boost after lunch? Ask yourself in a quiet place, and give yourself a real break! After that, you’ll feel refreshed for the rest of the day! (©It’s in Cherbourg)

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer… But not necessarily our sleep! And in this season (a little more sad, it must be admitted), we are not immune toa push. So, at home, or at work, let’s go for the micro-sleep (well, when you get there without falling asleep for far too long or going around in circles far from the arms of Morpheus…).

I can’t take a nap, otherwise I sleep 4 or 6 hours…

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A nap and it starts again!

A micro-nap is the guarantee ofa healthy break in a busy day. It allows to rest the eyes, to reduce stressand revitalize body and mind for more concentrationof memory and of reactivity. Airline pilots, athletes and certain artists have adopted these “flash” naps, it’s your turn!

8 tips for the ideal micro-nap

We have been fishing for information on the networks and on the Internet, here is what we conclude:

  • Choose one quiet placeaway from noise and above all, from light.
  • At home, avoid your bed ! Be careful to differentiate between the two (one place for nights, another for naps).
  • Start with a meditation time (breathing cycles, visualization exercises, etc.)
  • No more than 30 minutes, and again… Ideally, between 10 and 20 minutes !
  • put yourself comfortable (without disturbing your colleagues if you are at work…). We open the pants, ladies we unhook the bra, and we take off our shoes.
  • Stay away from screensresist temptation, before, during and upon waking.
  • Schedule an alarm, and respect it. But above all, choose something soft and take the time to leave sleep properly: we rub our eyes, we stretch, we drink a glass of water.
  • And the ideal time in all of that ? Early in the afternoon.

I’ve always taken naps, stay dressed, lie down and close my eyes and wake up on my own after 20-30 minutes. I always set an alarm just in case. The few times they are longer, I feel super tired when I wake up.

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I slept too much…

Did you know that this unpleasant feeling when you wake up after a good nap (heavy head, pasty mouth, not knowing where you are, etc.) has a name? It is called sleep drunkenness. Particularly affected are those who already suffer from sleeping troubles… And that, which is called hitting the jackpot… This feeling of drunkenness, you can experience it when you leave Morpheus’ arms in the middle of a cycle, hence the importance of programming his alarm clock!
And for the heavy sleepers, let’s not feel guilty all the same. A one hour nap is always better than no rest at all!

Often I doze off. But, even if I don’t fall asleep, after 25 minutes, I feel refreshed!

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Good plans and advice: a little nap and it’s back on track!

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