Mirror hours: what messages do they convey to you?

By Fostine Carracillo

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A person who thinks of you or a message from your subconscious? Mirror hours have many meanings. Here are the take-home messages.

11:11 a.m., 10:22 p.m. or 1:13 p.m.… what is the meaning of the mirror hours? Symmetrical schedules, they always have their effect when you notice them. If seeing them displayed brings satisfaction, they also hide messages that are very important. Indeed, they hold very distinct meanings in numerology. Popular thought is that we believe that a person is thinking of us when we come across a mirror hour. The truth is quite different ! The meaning of the mirror hours differs depending on the time displayed. Moreover, they are interpreted in a completely personal way. According to the medium, author and necromancer Aurore, known under the pseudonym @lafilledelétoile on Instagram, they would hide the messages of a guardian angel or missing persons. ” It can be a deceased person or a spirit that wants to guide you. “, explains the site Mirror Hour.

Each mirror hour has its own meaning

So when the dial shows midnight, it means a new beginning for you. But be careful, you also have to protect yourself from bad people. “ 0 represents unlimited potential. Your guardian angel sends you a message: get rid of the weights that condition you, to start a new chapter with more lightness. », indicates the astro-journalist Paul Waits for The Magic Horoscope. The well-known “ 11:11 a.m. ” is ” the schedule of the sacred couples “, as reported Oh My Mag. So you have to be careful and take it step by step. If you want your crush to think of you, then you have to be able to fall on “ 8:20 p.m. “. Among the most famous, there is also the schedule ” 10:22 p.m. “. This announces good news to come. Do not hesitate to listen to your intuition. Each mirror hour carries a different message. At 3:15 p.m., your self-confidence is growing. This schedule is also a symbol of perfection and elegance.

It is also very positive for you if you come across ” 9:21 p.m. “. In effect, it means that you are one step away from accomplishing great things. ” 11:23 p.m. carries a very different message. It implies a questioning and a blurred sentimental life. The ideal time? 12:12! Time for you to make a wish. 10:10 a.m. also has some great surprises in store for you. Indeed, this schedule tells you that you will soon experience a happy event. In short, the mirror hours send you messages from your subconscious. ” The conscious mind gives the brain a program to run, but after that it’s on autopilot. This explains why you will sometimes check the time unconsciously, because your subconscious has something to tell you.. “, explains the site Mirror Hour. Believe it or not, these messages can be good for the mind. It is up to everyone to draw the desired consequences!

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Mirror hours: what messages do they convey to you?

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