Here is your horoscope for this Saturday, April 23, 2022: love, money, work, health…

What day should you expect emotionally, financially or healthily? Check it out below with our complete horoscope, sign by sign.

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Love: A brief family thunderstorm is possible. Beware of awkward or hurtful remarks, some loved ones may not come out unscathed. Be very careful with your words.

Work-Money: Foreign-related business is topical. You will no doubt have to make new contacts. Take the opportunity to enrich your network.

Health: You need rest.

Mood: Rather gloomy day.

Advice: Put color in your life especially if you evolve in the grayness of the routine.


Love: A questioning is sometimes necessary. But avoid being cold and harsh. Such an attitude will in no way turn out to be positive and could significantly damage your relationship.

Work-Money: Your occupations seem to be running their course without major problems. You’ll almost want to change course just to get out of this somewhat boring routine.

Health: You should consult your doctor.

Mood: The horizon seems blocked.

Tip: Green is the color of hope and you will need it throughout the day.


Love: You will need emotional security and very warm relationships more than ever. Unfortunately, you will not necessarily be able to count on your friendly circle.

Work-Money: You will find it difficult to make the necessary decisions. It will take a few days to see you start off on the right foot. The influence of your superiors should not be neglected.

Health: Avoid stimulants.

Mood: Nothing will seem simple to you.

Tip: Before taking sleeping pills, try soothing herbal teas or herbal medicine.


Love: Your family relationships will probably cause you some irritation during this day. You won’t be inclined to show your best side. Indeed, you will tend to behave in an authoritarian manner and your close entourage, unaccustomed to this attitude on your part, will accept it very badly. On the other hand, you will favorably impress your friends, your acquaintances if you are not afraid to display your opinions. But do not sink into dogmatism.

Work-Money: The spirit of solidarity will not reign in your work team today! If you have no possibility of remedying it, try to concentrate on your tasks, disregarding the rest. Your time is precious and your superiors expect results. Money, as is often the case, will once again be at the center of your concerns. However, leave the material considerations aside a little and take the time to live.

Health: It’s time to get into some healthy, sensible eating habits, especially if your scale is three or four pounds overweight or your cholesterol level is near the red line. No need to go on a diet, but balance your meals and exercise. It’s never too late to make good resolutions.

Mood: Very average day

Advice: Take care of yourself and everything will be fine.


Love: Friendship will bring you more joy than your sentimental relationship. So focus on your circle of friends, even if it means expanding it, to take care of your pain and worries.

Work-Money: Your insurance will create jealousies around you. Do not let this prevent you from continuing, you are on the right path and success will not be long in coming.

Health: You need to decompress.

Mood: Nothing new on the horizon.

Advice: This day promises to be relatively pleasant so do not spoil it by showing bad faith.


Love: You will only think about pleasing those you love. You take great care of your loved ones but do they know how to give it back to you?

Work-Money: Endowed with an unfailing optimism, you will be faithful to your line of conduct. Nothing will disarm you.

Health: Stress will have no hold on you.

Mood: Cloudless day.

Advice: Know how to take the necessary distance and you will have no trouble dominating the situation.


Love: You will need to be wary of the risk of smothering your children or overprotecting them. As a couple, take full advantage of the moments of loving complicity that await you. Single, it is quite possible that your love life will take a turn that you had not thought of.

Work-Money: Do not fear the changes that will occur in the course of your work. You just need time to adapt. In the financial sector, you will be overconfident and you will refuse the advice of competent people.

Health: Risks of allergic disorders.

Mood: Disturbing day!

Advice: Stress is a bad advisor! Learn to relax and your family relationships will be more relaxed. You will thus avoid small psychosomatic disorders which are always unpleasant.


Love: Anything remotely resembling an obligation will scare you away. It’s time to grow up a bit! This is really not the time to impose your whims, those around you would not understand it.

Work-Money: Your work pace is accelerating but you will be able to maintain a steady pace. Without abusing exciting, you will need all your energy to maintain the rhythm.

Health: Excellent. You have incredible energy.

Mood: Busy day!

Tip: Don’t skip meals even if you feel like you’re wasting time eating. You need energy.


Love: Don’t forget that, in a couple, the important decisions are taken together. You cannot decide everything on your own, especially if it concerns the future of your children.

Work-Money: Do not fall behind in your files, or you will have the greatest difficulty in completing them. Plan for better organization, even if it means getting help from your employees.

Health: Do a health check.

Mood: A bit stressful day.

Tip: Find a way to exercise even if you don’t feel like locking yourself in a gym.


Love: You will realize that you have the same outlook on life as your spouse, and common aspirations. Single, you are finally going to experience the great thrill, but the intensity of your emotions will make you think, even in spite of yourself, that it cannot be mutual.

Work-Money: In the field of finances, there are emergencies to manage, do not let yourself be overwhelmed and act according to your priorities. You are entering a period of professional luck. Don’t spoil it with errors of judgement. Your ideas are original but achievable.

Health: You must make an effort to improve your lifestyle.

Mood: Complicated day!

Advice: Don’t let yourself be destabilized by doubts that have no reason to exist!


Love: Open your eyes! Your married life will benefit from a nice boost from the stars. You really won’t have any reason to complain. Single, caution will be necessary. Do not succumb to the charms of fine words.

Work-Money: You start a thousand things, but finish nothing. You will end up being totally disorganized and wasting precious time. Some promises that have been made to you should enter a more concrete phase, but you will still have to be a little patient.

Health: Headaches to be expected at the end of the day. You need to ventilate your body and mind! Do not let psychic fatigue accumulate, if it begins to take over it will end up altering your usual beautiful dynamism.

Mood: It’s time to react!

Tip: You need to find a way to save time to avoid running around all day!


Love: Understanding and devoted, you give without counting. Because what matters to you is that there is a good understanding. Don’t confuse real generosity with ostrich politics.

Work-Money: Meetings that are very beneficial on a social level will energize your action. You will be able to carry out projects in an associative context which will be very successful.

Health: Rest. You need a good night’s sleep.

Mood: Your horizon is clearing up.

Tip: Take the trouble to read the assembly or installation instructions to the end before you start.

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Here is your horoscope for this Saturday, April 23, 2022: love, money, work, health…

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