CHARTRONS: An Absolutely Brilliant NEW YOGA Studio

For Bordeaux residents who do not or no longer find themselves in the classic yoga studios that dot the city, here is UVEA coming to turn the light back on. Much more than a studio nestled in the heart of the most beautiful cul-de-sac in the city center, this new house awakens the sleeping beauty, Yogi style. Oh yes ?

Whether you discovered yoga in Bali, Paris or confined to your bed, it is obvious that each profile of yogi varies. Yet it is clear that the courses practiced in Bordeaux often take the same form and sorely lacking in “life”. This is in particular what explains why certain professors refuse to work in the studio and it is also what has led Camille Brignol and Soane-Patita to open UVEA.

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Their mantra?

From state of mind to lifestyle, yoga is an integral part of a way of life. “Yoga doesn’t stop when you leave class. Here we create links, work on personal development and cultivate this art of daily life.” she specifies. In particular, this takes the form of thematic discussions on Discord or even pop-up workshops, thus creating a real community. A godsend at a time when well-being occupies an increasing place in the lives of Bordeaux residents.

Uvea yoga Bordeaux

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A cocoon of well-being in Bordeaux Chartrons

Uvea is the basis of everything. In addition to being the third first name of the daughter of the founders, you have to go to the middle of the Pacific to understand its meaning. Sincein Wallisian, Uvea means Mother Earth.

The journey begins even before entering the studio, since the cul-de-sac leading to it, the most beautiful in the city center if you ask us, is already a change of scenery in oneself. Add to that the melody of the Church next door, and here we are in a village, far from cars and pollution. At the entrance, you leave your shoes and especially your social mask.

Within this intimate studio limited to 12 peoplethe decor exudes a warm environment while remaining simple and clean. The recesses lined with forests of fir trees are so many windows that invite you to travel. The blond stone brings character to the place and the crescent moon-shaped mirrors connect us to the universe. Add to that the light and theolfactory atmosphere that diffuse candles and candles that dot the room, and off we go.

Uvea yoga Bordeaux candle

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Yoga for children, integral, Kundalini, by candlelight: a range of unique practices in Bordeaux

If the house obviously lavishes the great classics Vinyasa and hathathe planning composed of 4 slots per day offers an exceptional range of practices, suitable for all ages, that can’t be found anywhere else.

This is how we discover the yoga of emotions with some sung meditations called Kundalini, the integral yoga broadcast by Sri Aurobindo, from yoga by candlelight or the Vinyasa De Gasquet adapted for back pain and pregnant women. But that’s not all. We are also introduced to the intuitive dancecan practice yin yang yoga and follow personal development workshops. Uvea is also one of the few places to offer yoga sessions for children. It was time.

Needless to say that we are not in the presence of a yoga of performance as some may practice it. here we combine the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, energetic body. Or how to breathe new life into the practice of yoga.

  Bordeaux numerology

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From Handstand to yoga dance: different workshops every weekend

And apart from courses ranging from morning routines to evening guided meditationsthe studio will offer every saturday and sunday workshops and workshops that will evolve throughout the year. This is how we can come and discover the numerologyfollow handstand workshops (inversions)to learn sophro-analysis to the sound of the handpan, to naturopathy or even to learn yoga dance. Beyond the physical practice, we come to Uvea to anchor ourselves, reconnect with ourselves and share with others. Every full moon and new moon will see women’s circles form.

Finally, outside class hours, the studio offers content creation for teachers.

No need to understand Sanskrit to see that this is a unique place.

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  Bordeaux handstand workshop

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UVEA Yoga Studio Bordeaux
Impasse du Couvent, 33000 Bordeaux
Open every day
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CHARTRONS: An Absolutely Brilliant NEW YOGA Studio

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