Batch. “The Book of Miracles”, a mystical farce, created in Rocamadour

Four theatrical evenings around the “Book of Miracles” of Rocamadour, by Gérard Lavayssière. Free entries. (©DR)

This piece of Gérard Lavayssière’s theater titled ” The Book of Miracles of Rocamadour or La Fabulous Conversion of Father Christophe-Amadou will be created in the ruins of the chapel of theHospitalet in Rocamadour on July 15, 2022, then played at Marcilhac-sur-Cele on the 16th, in the church of Labastide Murat finally on the 18th castle of Vaillac July 19.

“To celebrate the 850e anniversary of the publication of the Book of Miracles of Rocamadour, this bestseller of the Middle Ages intended to popularize throughout Europe the cult of the Black Virgin » specifies Gérard Lavayssière, who is not at his first attempt in theatrical writing

. Free admission, for each of the three appointments.

In the tradition of mystical farce?

Summary of the play: As part of the Fidei donum exchanges, Father Christophe-Amadou, originally from Burkina Faso, has just been appointed parish priest of Labastide-Murat in Quercy. What luck ! Father Christophe-Amadou is also a fervent admirer of the imperial epic and of King Murat… The Troupe Maïti Girtanner 2, in residence in Dax, reconnects with a genre that Paul Claudel himself ventured into, and which earned him his greatest successes, the mystical farce. The result is a funny, caustic, deep, poetic fable… “Any resemblance to real people is coincidental, but it’s all true, even what we made up…”

emphasizes Gérard Lavayssière. Originally from Lot, Gérard Lavayssière has been teaching Classics in Dax since 1977, then, in retirement, at the major seminary of Bayonne. Founder and animator of the Troupe de Cendrillon, now Troupe Maïti Girtanner, he has staged plays by Molière, Saint-Exupéry, Anouilh, Sartre, Labiche, Ionesco, Goldoni, Marivaux, Romains, Shakespeare, Jarry, Rostand, Obaldia, Giraudoux, Miller …

Four meetings in July “The Book of Miracles of Rocamadour or The Fabulous Conversion of Father Christophe-Amadou”: by Gérard Lavayssière, performed by the Maiti Girtanner 2 Troupe. Four appointments on the bill, all all three at 8:30 p.m.

: Friday July 15

in Rocamadour, – Saturday July 16

in Marcilhac-sur-Célé,

Videos: currently on Actu – Monday, July 18

in Labastide-Murat and, – Tuesday, July 19

in Vaillac.

Gérard Lavayssière is the author of plays and novels: “Maïti: Resistance and Pardon” (2000), a play performed in Dax, Poitiers, Paris, Poland and Germany. “Le Lieutenant du Val d’Akor” (2002), “We’re going to play ‘Chantecler’! » (2004), « The Christmas of the Prodigal » (2008), « The True Story of Christmas » (2009), « The Choice of Joseph » (2010), « Marguerite Rutan » (2011) « The Entry into Egypt » (2012), “Kiss from Lapland (2014), “Dialogues of animals” (2015) “Francis of Assisi on Heaven” (2016), “Maïti: the First Thrushes” (2017), The Roses of Jericho ( 2018), The Book of Miracles of Rocamadour or the Fabulous Conversion of Father Christophe-Amadou (2022) Was this article helpful to you? Know that you can follow Actu Lot in space

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Batch. “The Book of Miracles”, a mystical farce, created in Rocamadour

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