Horoscope: The Last Week of Mercury Retrograde Brings Good Luck to These Three Zodiac Signs

Home stretch. Soon Mercury retrograde will bow out. Finally, we will be able to breathe and find more clarity. Still a little patience. There is therefore only one week left to have to undergo the disturbing effects of the planet of communication in retreat. Remember that since December 30, 2022, the beauty has caused questions, oversights, misunderstandings and delays. We must therefore take the tangent, slow down and tell ourselves that the shortest path is not always the most direct. We put on plans B, we refine our organization. A good time to consult your work horoscope 2023 or the predictions from the heart of Jean-Yves Espié, our astrologer. The same one who, every week, ranks the luckiest signs of the moment. And, because Mercury retrograde will not make us lose our good habits, between January 12 and 18, 2023, these are three signs that we highlight. Don’t thank us, rather say thank you to the stars.

Horoscope: what will next week look like?

Before we can applaud the end of Mercury retrograde and your stamina, let’s take a moment to appreciate the return of your vital energy. Yes, this Thursday, January 12, March, the warrior planet of ambition and strength, resumes its direct course. After several months of turning around in the sky, she is starting to move in the right direction again. The opportunity for all the astrological signs to feel a wave of enthusiasm and a new vitality. In the sky, the stars invite us to turn a page to start again on a good basis. At the same time, Mercury continues its course in Capricorn. All this motivation, this desire, this enthusiasm is therefore focused on a single objective: to ensure that our projects are carried out in order to anchor them in sustainability.

On the heart and private life side, the atmosphere is intended to be lighter. Venus in conjunction with Saturn makes our daily lives easier. We feel good, in agreement with our decisions, with our rhythm, our activities. The opportunity to release the pressure a little to enjoy privileged moments with our loved ones. Be careful though. This week, the stars are asking us to remain vigilant. Do not rush to avoid errors of judgment or disappointments. In short, we slow down, a little, but we embrace the desire to want.

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Horoscope: this week, this astrological sign is the strongest mentally

You thought Mercury retrograde only did damage? It’s that you’ve never met a Capricorn. The natives of this sign are, as Nâdiya sang so well: “In this place like a rock! Boosted to the block! Solid as rock! » Resistant, the Capricorn is ready to fight. This week, “the passage of Mercury in your sector influences you on the mental level and invites you to organize yourself with a beautiful clarity of mind”. For the astrologer, Jean-Yves Espié, there is no doubt: in the coming days, everything should become simpler, more fluid and easier. Renowned for being a fighter and a leader, Capricorn will then take the opportunity to take control of their destiny. He has a precise vision of what he wants to put in place and intends to tick all the boxes on his to-do list.

And because Mercury is not its only ally, it can count on the support of other planets to come to its aid. “At the same time, the reunion of the solar star and Pluto has the effect of highlighting what is essential in your eyes: turning the page and moving forward at all costs”, specifies Jean-Yves Espié. A beautiful program then awaits Capricorn. After a few weeks of navigating troubled waters, he can finally sort through his multiple inspiration boards to focus on what really matters. And, because we are starting to get to know this character a little, we bet that for him, the essential rhymes with a way to make more money to ensure his well-being!

Horoscope: here is the luckiest astrological sign of the week

Usually he is calm and patient. The only times we hear a Pisces, it’s because he’s crying. The followers of Cosmic Love cannot contradict us, the two people who embody the sign of Pisces in the new reality show presented by Nabilla do just that. So yes, we like to tap on Pisces and remind him that his sensitivity is also what sometimes prevents us from understanding him, but because at ELLE we are nice, we also know how to be happy for him. That’s why, this week, we decided to place it at the top of the ranking. We prick the astral crown of Leo to offer it to him. And to be forgiven, we predict happiness and nothing but joy. Even the astrologer agrees with us: “The solar star forms happy aspects with Neptune, and this mutual support works in your favor. »

More concretely, this week, the stars promise beautiful surprises to the last sign of the zodiac. “This beautiful duo will prove to be very motivating to build your confidence, to feel on the same wavelength as your interlocutors and thus to move your projects forward in the right direction: the one that suits your business. “Financially and especially professionally, the finned sign has a playing card. Like Capricorn, he holds the reins and regains the lead to impose his style. His signature “nature, painting and emotions” seduces. No matter what he wishes to undertake, he can bet on a chain of success. Luck !

Horoscope: this astrological sign regains its vital energy

Did he really need a boost? If the Ram is already renowned for being enterprising and surprising to the point of sometimes becoming exhausting, the stars have decided to offer him a great opportunity. This fire sign that does not stay in place is the little protege of the stars. “You would have little reason to complain about planetary influences, because Mars and Jupiter support you in your choices. His initiatives find takers, his ideas are acclaimed. He is moving confidently and visibly in the right direction. “When the planet of action is on your side, you move forward quickly and well in what you undertake”, even specifies the astrologer.

It is a cocktail of dynamics that the sky is serving him this week. Even more, he combines strength, energy and good ideas with luck. Jupiter thus adds the pinch of good vibes that was missing from this cosmic menu to help it go even further. “As for the planet of luck, its persistent presence gives you substantial support until May. The first trimester is therefore likely to be intense for Aries. Awesome for such a quick-witted sign. Perfect for putting everything back on track and launching projects that could materialize faster than expected. Aries friends, it now remains to go the distance!

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Horoscope: The Last Week of Mercury Retrograde Brings Good Luck to These Three Zodiac Signs

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