The business of good resolutions in great shape

Posted Jan 10, 2023, 3:35 PMUpdated Jan 10, 2023, 5:15 PM

That’s it 2023 is here! The comments of your loved ones during the holidays on your lack of tone and your slightly gray appearance have convinced you: it’s time to take control. On the program: more sport, less or even more alcohol at all (at least until the end of the month, or the week) and quit smoking (in any case with inflation you can no longer afford ).

Know that your good resolutions are the delight of a number of companies and start-ups, which offer services adapted to your new lifestyle. Healthy food boxes, gym memberships, non-alcoholic drinks… The market for good resolutions takes full advantage of your new motivations. Proof by six.

1- Quit drinking: the business around “dry January”

For some years, the “Dry January” Where “month sober” , massively relayed on social networks, has spread widely in France, to the delight of companies that are surfing on the fashion for non-alcoholic spirits. At JNPR spirits, specializing in non-alcoholic gin, orders are taking off: in the first days of 2023, we were already up 151% compared to the beginning of December, already our best month last year », rejoices Valérie de Sutter, the founder. And from year to year, this French start-up saw its sales increase in January (+423% between the beginning of January 2023 and the beginning of 2022).

For Mouth of Joy the young shoot that offers wines, beers and non-alcoholic cocktails with the same taste as their alcoholic version, the turnover for the month of January is doubled compared to a traditional month. The opportunity to realize that public health issues and the French way of life are not incompatible» rejoices in passing the founder of the brand Jean Philippe Braud.

If the prospect of sipping a glass of non-alcoholic Chardonnay is still unthinkable for you, it might be time to download the new Sobero application, launched by Geoffrey Kretz on December 15th. After having launched 10 years ago on smoking cessation aid with the world-leading Kwit app, this computer engineer is tackling the monitoring of alcohol consumption. Its goal ? Help you regulate your consumption or even stop it. Bet succeeded with already several thousand downloads at the beginning of January, according to its creator.

2- Stop smoking: get to your apps!

Ashtray breath is behind you, you proudly crush your last cigarette. But how to hold on? The patches? Chewing gums? Your smartphone of course!

Two French start-ups are positioned on smoking cessation aid and are experiencing impressive download and subscription rates at the start of the year. Klava, a start-up founded in February 2021, launched the “Quitoxil” application in November in partnership with the addictology department of Paul-Brousse hospital in Paris .The idea of ​​this personalized digital therapy is to modify the behavior of smokers in risky situations by helping them to develop strategies to avoid the risk of relapse., develops Alexia Adda, co-founder of Klava. With a paid plan at €4.99 per month, it seems that this app is meeting its audience. “We note a 94.7% increase in downloads in the first week of January compared to average downloads in November and December 2022. This clearly demonstrates the motivation of smokers to quit during the 1st month of the year”believes Alexia Adda.

Observation shared by Geoffrey Kretz, CEO of Kwit : “At the start of the year, we have four times more downloads of the application and five times more people who subscribe to the paid subscription at €47.99 per year compared to the rest of the year. ».

3- Get (back) into sport: a decisive month for cinemas

We put on our prettiest jogging and our shiny sneakers with immaculate soles, and go go go! For the sociologist teacher-researcher at ISC Paris, Catherine Lejealle, “on January 1, we are in the social and collective imagination to reinvent ourselves, it is the ideal time for theaters to sell subscriptions at preferential rates. » Like the Neoness brand (29 theaters in France) which offers an offer until January 31 with two months free for a 13-month commitment. A classic commercial offensive that appeals: the number of registrations is growing this year by 30 to 35% at the start of January compared to a typical month, and cinema attendance by 20%.

January is a key month for the CEO of the KeepCool group, who redeemed Neoness mid-2022, David Amiouni, who however notes a “Covid effect”. Before, in January, registrations exploded by 60%, which is less true today because, according to this 30-year-old, “Registered members are really motivated, and better followed by the clubs”. His group has 300 in France, and achieves nearly 100 million euros in turnover (150 including franchises).

Going to a room full of fitness fans with drawn muscles does not appeal to you? Alternatives exist at home, such as Strava , the app that allows you to monitor your sports activity. As good resolutions, the young shoot launched a challenge in January with the youtuber “Major Mouvement”, to do at least 15 hours of sport over the month. To date, nearly 106,000 people have already accepted the challenge, why not you! Moreover, the leaders were not mistaken: Neoness and Keep Cool launched their app last year.

4- Eat healthier: healthy boxes are popular

January is also an opportunity to resume good eating habits. Stop foie gras, logs and other pantagruelic cheese platters. In January, we want to eat healthy. “It’s not that we communicate specifically about good resolutions, we hammer all year round that we have to eat healthy, but in January and September, it’s more echoed by our prospects who are picking up good habits. » notes Clément Chanéac who co-founded Les commis. The start-up, launched in 2012, offers boxes of healthy, seasonal and responsible recipes delivered to your home. “Our axis is nutrition, good products and homemade, cooking without processed products”. Without even pressing the marketing button for good resolutions, the start-up has three times more new subscribers in January compared to November 2021 and 15% more baskets delivered.

Eating healthy sometimes rhymes with food rebalancing, and here again a digital offer is available like the Weight Watchers application and its system of points attributed to food, which can be consumed with a quota of daily and weekly points to be avoided. not exceed.

5- Boost your body with food supplements: it’s the season!

The cold, the grayness and the winter viruses at the start of the year make you want to stay buried under the duvet, or compensate for this lack of pep with vitamin food supplements! Ginseng, royal jelly, immunity booster, cocktails of vitamins and probiotics… These are all products whose sales double each year in January, according to the drugstore group Pharmabest (109 pharmacies in France).

A French start-up called Cuure embarked on this niche by personalizing the cures of food supplements. After an online questionnaire, we offer you a cure adapted to your needs, and in January it works very well “The beginning of the year is the best time for Cuure, with two to three times more new customers than the rest of the year”notes Hugo Facchin, co-founder of the young company. “Seasonality comes into play and our offer perfectly meets the need to adopt new, healthier habits”he believes.

6- Take care of your inner self:

Galvanized by this renewal at the start of the year, it may also be an opportunity to refocus yourself psychologically. Nothing like a bit of meditation . According to the creator of the Petit BamBou guided meditation app, Benjamin Blasco, “January is still a very dynamic month for us. Between December 2021 and January 2022, there is an increase of 44% in downloads and 48% in subscriptions. » And this, although the app does not rely on the right resolutions, preferring that “users meditate with their own motivation and intention, rather than influencing them with ads, discounts, or bonuses…”.

While it takes an average of 66 days to form new habits, there’s still a long way to go, so hang in there, and don’t give in to the ” Blue Monday “ next January 16, the most depressing day of the year, a day more than conducive to abandoning good resolutions!

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The business of good resolutions in great shape

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