League of Legends: the most hated character in the game is about to make a comeback

news tip League of Legends: the most hated character in the game is about to make a comeback

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, there is a good chance that you have one day railed against Master Yi. If he doesn’t really shine at a high level, he is however known to be an elusive and very powerful character when you don’t know how to counter him yet. Unfortunately for its detractors, the next patch may bring it back in force.

Most polls are unanimous: Master Yi is among the top 10 most hated champions in League of Legends, regardless of his balance. It must be said that his ability to cut through enemy life bars like butter while making himself untargetable for a few seconds several times per fight can quickly drive you crazy, especially at low levels. If the smurfs (= experienced players playing on a lower level account) love to take this character to finish their games with several pentakills and a supply of tears of beginners, they are however quickly put back in their place by playing the Fine Blade Wuju at higher level. A problem that Riot Games intend to try to fix it in the next patch.


  • Always further, always stronger
  • To meditate…

Always further, always stronger

One of Master Yi’s great weaknesses lies in his strength at the start of the game, and particularly in his inability to do well in his duels before unlocking his ultimate ability and his first items. If it’s not very disturbing at low level (since it is quite rare to invade the opposing jungle when you do not yet know how to manage yours well), it is much more problematic when you face experienced opponents. Indeed, being invaded during the first minutes of the game without being able to do much about it can be simply devastating for jungle players, and can make them simply useless for the whole game.

To try to provide a solution to this problem, Riot Games has decided to bring a buff (=improvement) to Master Yi’s attack range and increase it from 125 to 175 units. For a melee character, these kinds of changes can indeed make all the difference for those who know how to handle the kiting (= the fact of attacking while remaining stacked at the maximum range to avoid enemy blows). This will allow Master Yi players to be better against potential aggressors, but also to better manage their jungle in general. In itself, this improvement will allow good players to better deal with character problems against other good players, without impacting low level games. The other buff planned for the character, on the other hand, may not please everyone.

To meditate…

League of Legends: the most hated character in the game is about to make a comeback

If there is one ability that makes all the difference between Master Yi’s good players and the others, it is his Z-Meditation. Currently, this spell allows the champion to remain static for a few seconds while regenerating their health bar and taking less damage. This ability allows players to stall combat while other cooldowns expire, particularly Q-Lightning Assault which renders Master Yi immune to all damage while dealing damage to opponents. It is therefore of course the Meditation which has been improved on the PBE.

W – Meditation:

  • Cooldown decreased: 28 → 9 seconds
  • Mana cost decreased: 50 to 40 (+6% max mana per second)
  • New — Now grants 60% tenacity for the first 0.5 seconds

With such a short cooldown, Sharpsword Wuju players will now be able to use the skill much more regularly, and take advantage of its new effect adding 60% tenacity for the first 0.5 seconds. In fact, taking into account the new mana cost which will depend on the skill’s channeling time, this means that Meditation will now be a spell allowing both to delay fights, but also to avoid the most difficult skills. more incapacitating.

In other words, if the first buff mainly allowed good players to avoid being invaded in the games of their levels, this one will allow the smurfs to be even more terrifying in the low level games. Whatever your experience, expect to see more Master Yi in your games if patch 12.13 incorporates these changes. Answer on July 13, just before the start of the Star Guardians event.

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League of Legends: the most hated character in the game is about to make a comeback

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