Health: how to stop rehashing your thoughts before falling asleep?

This is the question that bothers health experts… How to stop ruminating before falling asleep? We tell you everything!

It’s not easy to stop thinking before sleeping! This is why several health experts have revealed some tips to stop ruminations before bedtime! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

When sleeping becomes complicated

If there’s one thing that everyone covets after a hard working day, it’s his bed ! Eh yes ! Sleeping is a luxury that is good for your health. But alas, itIt is not always an easy thing.

Because very often, thoughts disturb sleep. They invade the brain so much that they cause sleep disorders such as insomnia.

Be aware that the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) estimates that there are still 15 to 20% of the French population qui would be affected by this sleep disorder.

Moreover ! There would also be 9% who would suffer from a severe form. But then the question arises, how to stop rehash his thoughts before falling asleep?

The psychologist Maria Hejnar (health) therefore agreed to answer the question. According to her, “the main cause of thoughts when falling asleep is anxiety” .

The health specialist also adds that anxious people lack of self-confidence. “At home, floating anxiety and confused fears can be during the day. But as night approaches, the anxious also feel a great imprecise but intense fear”.

Solutions to stop ruminating

For the health expert, ruminations reveal disaster scenarios. “In some cases, the past can also catch up with her, she analyzes, feels guilty, and sometimes regrets. The person can let himself be overwhelmed by anxiety which prevents him from stopping the flow of thought and therefore from falling asleep”.

So better avoid all source of stress to avoid ruminating. It is also very important to practice psychotherapy. Maria Hejnar explains that it helps to overcome problems of sleep and get out of this vicious circle:

“Psychotherapy helps to overcome the problems of anxiety and depression which are main causes of ruminations. The shrink examines the factors responsible for difficulty falling asleep. »

Then it is it is important to verbalize your emotions. “Vmark and describe emotions, sensations and feelings. It’s a good start to learn to listen to yourself.

Of course, meditation is one of the remedies that helps to remedy ruminations before to sleep. Several methods can help, such as yoga for example. Finally, the last solution is the use of essential oils:

“There is also St. John’s wort, griffonia, valerian have a good action. This is also the case with certain oils, such as lavender. »

These are good rituals that also allow you to take care of your health.

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Health: how to stop rehashing your thoughts before falling asleep?

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