KPMG’s new method to recruit 2,700 people

Posted Sep 15, 2022, 7:00 AM

The talent war and the “great resignation” not sparing the audit and consulting sector, KPMG has decided to go on the offensive with the articulation of a new “employer promise”, one of the ambitions of which is to recruit 2,700 talents in 2022- 2023 in the various professions (auditing, consulting, chartered accountancy, lawyers) and expertise (ESG, Tech and innovation), compared to 2,500 last year and in the pre-Covid period. This figure includes the hiring of 1,200 young graduates and 500 work-study students, including Bac+2 and 3 and university profiles.

The Other Contract is the signature of this promise which will be displayed on social networks, in school forums, in the press… A plan that is in line with the firm’s adoption of the status of mission company in the spring .

“We are increasingly questioned about environmental and societal issues and about the way we take part in change. We have made strong commitments to 10,000 employees, candidates and our customers to work on this transformation after nearly a year of work, indicates Laurent Geoffroy, HRD of KPMG France, recalling the objective of carbon neutrality by 2030. We are not offering a new employment contract but a new relationship of trust! » The firm now has 350 experts in environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, 100 new recruitments are planned. In addition, all employees, whose average age is 35, have access to one-day (non-compulsory) training on these subjects.

Spearheading this transformation, the NextGen Committee – a “shadow comex” of 13 twenty-something consultants from different professions. The latter had ” carte blanche “ to challenge the executive committee ” without taboo “by raising the grievances of employees, which ultimately related not only to the consideration of environmental challenges but also to the issues of diversity within the firm and parenthood.

After one “larger wave of departures than usual at the end of the confinements and a strong and rapid economic rebound “, the head of the cabinet evokes a “chisel effect” difficult to manage. To deal with this, initiatives that are part of this Other Agreement have been taken to regulate the workload: “institutionalization of teleworking” up to 3 days a week, raising managers’ awareness of the principles of disconnection (postponing e-mails, not starting the day with a meeting, 45-minute meetings rather than an hour, etc.), time dedicated to training between missions, access to the Gymlib sports app and meditation classes. Employees can also get involved with around twenty associations (Restos du Coeur, Singa, Ticket for Change, etc.) through skills sponsorship for up to six days a year, specifies the HRD. Not to mention a salary increase especially for data experts and consultants, among the most disputed on the job market.

Will this be enough to meet the firm’s recruitment ambitions in its 200 offices in France? In any case, the stakes are high: do better than 2021 and its 7.6% growth with a turnover of 1.28 billion euros for France.

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KPMG’s new method to recruit 2,700 people

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