be satisfied in God

Sread the scriptures

Jesus said to them: “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.”
John 6.35

If hunger in the world has sadly progressed in recent years, another kind of hunger also seems to be rampant, particularly in the so-called “rich” countries. I am thinking here of existential or spiritual hunger. Inhabited by a feeling of emptiness, the human beings that we are try to satisfy this hunger by various means: possessions, activities, relationships… Only, sooner or later, this existential nothingness returns at a gallop, and we then try to fill it with something else.

Aware of the fleeting effect of the “food” and “drink” of this world, Jesus repeatedly positioned himself in the Gospels as the “bread of life“, but also the source of living water whose contribution is lasting and eternal. He alone is able to provide us with full satiety. – that is to say, to lead us to the state of a person whose desires, aspirations, passions are fulfilled. Only, even when we are Christians, to remain in this disposition is cultivated and maintained. Two spiritual disciplines can help us do this.

If, according to our church circles, our conception of communion may differ, sharing the Last Supper is a strong gesture to physically materialize a spiritual reality. Through the bread and the fruit of the vine that we eat, we are reminded of God’s sacrificial gift and the fullness of his love for each one of us. These moments spent “at his table” are for me so many decisive reminders, especially in moments of great temptation..

Another way of nourishing our spiritual being – and not the least – lies in regular meditation on the Bible. We find there a solid and invigorating Word, full of principles of life to appropriate and promises to cling to!

Elisten to the voice of God

Do you feel your spiritual being satiated? What do you feed him? Listen to God give you back the essential ingredients during this quality time with Him.

Praying is simply talking to God. Your Heavenly Father loves you and He can hear everything. Here is a sample prayer to help you: Father, forgive me for the ease with which I seek out otherssources » than you to quench my thirst. Help me toupdate » as much as necessary this powerful reality: in you I find full satiety. Thank you for the sacrificial love you showed me, and for the nourishing Word you left me. Amen !”

Lpray to god

God places freely at your disposal the bread of life and the source of living water, isn’t that great? Thank him with all your heart for these elements so nourishing and so necessary for your life and your daily walk with him!

HASact today

In the same way that you must eat several meals a day to meet the needs of your body, you must also nourish your spiritual being. It can be through prayer, meditation on the Word, fellowship, reading, uplifting Christian media, or anything that will allow you to nurture that heart-to-heart relationship with the Lord.

Hworship the Lord

Our journey for the day ends. Let us pray together to honor our God.

Thank you, Lord, for making available to me what I need most. You are the bread of life and the source of living water, in you I am fulfilled ! Thine be the kingdom, the power and the glory, amen !

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be satisfied in God

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