“He heals many people stricken with all kinds of diseases” (Mk 1,29-39) | RCF

Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Mark

During that time,
straight out of the synagogue in Capernaum,
Jesus and his disciples went, with James and John,
in the house of Simon and André.
Now Simon’s mother-in-law was in bed,
she had a fever.
Immediately, Jesus was told about the sick woman.
Jesus approached,
grabs her by the hand
and got her up.
The fever left her,
and she served them.

In the evening, after sunset,
we brought him all those who were suffering from a disease
or possessed by demons.
The whole town thronged to the door.
He heals many people with all kinds of diseases,
and he cast out many demons;
he prevented the demons from speaking,
because they knew who he was.

The next day, Jesus got up, well before dawn.
He went out and went to a deserted place,
and there he was praying.
Simon and those who were with him went looking for him.
They find him and tell him:
“Everyone is looking for you. »
Jesus said to them:
“Let’s go elsewhere, to the neighboring villages,
so that there also I proclaim the Gospel;
because that’s why I left. »

And he went through all Galilee,
proclaiming the gospel in their synagogues,
and expelling demons.

Source: AELF

Meditation Pastor Corinne Charriau

Marc goes so far as to write thatThe whole town was gathered at the gate. » That is to say how much the fame of Jesus grew and how much the success of the cures and exorcisms were resounding, isn’t it?

However, Jesus will step aside to pray. Marc describes the scene with several verbs: Jesus got up, went out, went to a deserted place, and there he was praying. We can imagine the scene. He was praying: the tense of the verb indicates the duration. Jesus takes time for this heart-to-heart with God. I asked myself :

  • Does he tear himself away from the crowd so as not to succumb to the temptation caused by success?
  • Is he asking for strength because it must be exhausting to respond to so many requests?
  • Does he entrust to God those whom he meets, those whom he has healed, delivered?
  • Does he ask God for discernment for the day’s program?

It may be all of these at once! And now the disciples whom Jesus called take an initiative, that of going in search of him, of chase him, thus one can translate the Greek. The demand of the crowds is so great that the disciples give in to their pressure.

But Jesus is going to say to Simon and his companions: “Let’s go somewhere else.” Jesus is not going to join the crowds, it is elsewhere that he must go to other villages. God’s Mission Awaits elsewhereand Marc specifies that this elsewhere this is all of Galilee!

Jesus does not respond to the immediate desire of the crowds. A gap occurs between their desires – and we can also hear our desires, and the word of Jesus which leads, elsewhere, live and share the Gospel. This setting aside of Jesus to pray is a renewal to continue his ministry. In prayer, we can recharge our batteries, and remain confident in elsewhere to which Christ calls us with him to bear witness to his active presence in the world.

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“He heals many people stricken with all kinds of diseases” (Mk 1,29-39) | RCF

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