Another PLO regfish blogging.

the 2022 balance sheet

Introduce yourself first you kind of random!

Good, okay. But we hurry because it’s late and tomorrow I have to prepare confetti and champomy to party with my friends and make lots of good resolutions that I’ll keep for at least 48 hours.

Humanly, I am a man (I lost half of the readers) and I am in a relationship with a woman (come on, the other half jumped).

I am 34 years old for 4 days, I live in Aveyron (Yes I have fiber). Croupier since 2009, doing my first two years at the ACF, then on the EPT for about 10 years, the Covid opened up another career opportunity for me. I found a job at PS, as a moderator on the Twitch channel and assistant community manager on their social networks. This new professional activity as well as the Covid made me want to grind a little more seriously than before, even if I have always played, if you rub shoulders with dealers, we all know that they are the most beautiful regfish in the rooms, wanting to copy what they see IRL and claiming an unfavorable variance (we will come back to this a little later).

So I almost stopped the croupery because when an EPT takes place, I have to be on Twitch and therefore I can’t be at the table, I see that you are following.

A participation in the Winamax Live Session as a participant of the enemy forum, I am the Nit of Wam Poker! At the same time, put yourself in my place, I was sober (not like other participants in other forums) and I was told to be on the left of Castaldi, something that delighted me. Problem ? Davidi on MY left… I still slammed a 72 on the TV presenter, making the Belgian genius fold 72, clearly the only highlight of my time.

Anyway, back to something more recent.

1st confinement, I decide to put 500 balls, and click in NL10 on Betclic. What embellishment!

It’s like poker in 2010, in 2 months I go up 10k and I play until NL200, while the word GTO for me is a guy from the north who says he plays an open world game with beautiful tuned cars and gangs. From there, we live, we stagnate a little, and last year I decided to play the game which offers twice as many cards, OMAHA!

So the balance sheet, yes because it’s the title of the article all the same eh, of this year 2022 is rather positive, not necessarily in € but on the whole, both humanly and pokeristically.


– My rhythm of life is much more structured than before, I go to bed at decent hours, no more nights that start at 6 a.m. when the sun rises, the birds sing and Mireille the neighbor goes to work in his job that made him chi**, but get moving Mireille, launch your DropShipping shop!

– I’m a bit taken with Padel, this weird sport that mixes Tennis / Squash / Beach racket. That said the physical is not at the top either, we will have to try to remedy it a little.

– I still travel a lot, the EPTs and other tournaments in Europe no longer carry me around, so we do things differently, I notably made a stay in Thailand to join a friend, and also to see if I liked the country, after all in At that time, I didn’t have any particular ties to my campaign, so why not go to the other side of the world where life isn’t expensive and then I can work from anywhere after all. We may come back to this in a future post if you want anecdotes. (Wow teaser no?)

– The 2nd half of the year was made in the company of a nice young lady, but we are scattered, it’s too early a first article to reveal more, will have to come back to read the next posts.


– The beginnings in the PLO were tumultuous, despite a very good run, I was not necessarily comfortable, certainly making huge mistakes (and this is still the case by the way). But the pleasure of this game is present, the field is really not crazy.

But hey, as I’ve never had any structure in my approach to the game, it drags, it drags… Despite everything, I manage to make my volume and earn a few €uros and the month of October arrives.

I’m literally getting busted! 45k hands / -3k below EV / Total depression. We slow down the volume, we take a masterclass on RIO to start Omaha from scratch, we learn the basics, the GTO, the pre ranges, and we work.

The last two months have been very good, the run is there for sure, but I also feel that the quality of my game has evolved a lot, and above all this feeling of knowing a little more about what I’m doing, rather than just playing my cards and thus be subject to significant variance.

We end the year up 2.5k after 400kh, it’s clearly low, but I’m a winning player pre RB, and it’s already a good basis for the future. To that we can add about 10k of RB (Thank you PS), which makes a year of Smicard poker, nothing crazy you will tell me, but for a first year of PLO, having floundered a large part of the year, we will be satisfied. And the advantage of having a taf on the side is that I don’t touch my roll. It’s not that I’m going to go to PLO100, but it allows me to be calm.

I am putting the graph to you because that is what interests some of you, huh?


People lie, graphs don’t!

2023 goals


– Continuing a little in the current dynamic I like it. I would like to structure my daily life even more, to have a routine, without falling into the boredom of living the same day all the time, after all if we choose this game it is to have a certain freedom, HEIN MIREILLE?!

– Physically, I will surely follow the trend of 90% of people on January 1st by signing up for the gym, I asked for this as a Christmas present so I will have no choice, I put myself in everything Alone ! 4 Trainings / Week, without necessarily the objective of becoming an Appolon, I have passed the age and there is too much work, but feeling good will be a good objective.

– Mentally, I will surely include a little meditation session in my daily life, even if it’s a subject that is totally unknown to me, it can’t hurt, and then 15min in a full day is what, huh ? Instead of scrolling for 1 hour in bed as soon as you wake up. I started watching a few streams but I admit that it’s still super abstract and I don’t too often understand why guys go into raptures over sentences like “No, but the simplicity of my gaze on my Me is magnificent ” but when I see the kiff that it seems to bring them (without illicit substance) it almost makes you want it anyway.

– At the level of friends and family, everything is fine and it will interest you little, and for the rest of my private life, let’s hope it continues as it started.

– To travel. Especially in Colombia to join my best friend there, travel around South America on a motorcycle and grind in the most dangerous cut-throats, write a book too! Already done ? Yeah, I don’t like motorbikes anyway, we’ll settle for Cervesas!


– Have a new year with a winrate > 0 and a volume of 500kh MI-NI-MUM!

– Finish this masterclass and establish a real global strategy to say to yourself as little as possible “f**k what am I doing here? Bon bah Pot!”

– Continue to enjoy playing above all.

– Do a blog from time to time, maybe monthly, I don’t really know yet, I like to write so if you like it, we will continue.

– Stream a little more regularly than in 2022, to make people want to discover this beautiful 4-card game, have fun and chat.

I end this first post here, if you have read this far, thank you. If you have any questions, no matter the subject, do not hesitate.

Happy holidays to all and … see you next year!

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Another PLO regfish blogging.

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