Mercury retrograde in Capricorn: these three astro signs will experience complicated weeks

The year 2022 is coming to an end soonbut the planets in the firmament do not take vacations of Christmas. Mercury’s fourth retrograde arrives tomorrow, December 29, and will remain so until January 18, 2023. That means the year ahead begins with caution! We tell you everything here…

Astro: what are the effects and meaning of retrograde Mercury in Capricorn?

To understand how Mercury’s upcoming retrograde affects us, we must first understand the sign in which this retrograde is occurring: Capricorn. This sign being synonymous with ambition, hard work and perseverance, these attributes are likely to be diminished during this period, because of this celestial movement. This unfortunately falls at a time of year when we need the motivation and drive to keep our New Year’s resolutions. But not all aspects of a downgrade are bad, there are also positives at this time. planetary retrocession.

This period is the perfect time to review the things that have been left undone during the year 2022. Starting a new cycle with all business settled is in many cases something that can be beneficial for the spirit. With Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, rather than solving things immediately, we can organize and methodically think about how we will act after the demotion. A very important thing to keep in mind during this time is how we communicate with authority figures. The proposals we make to them can complicate our relationship if we are not careful enough, or if our tone is not completely respectful.

Horoscope: which astrological signs will be most affected by Mercury’s retrograde?

Three zodiac signs will feel this retrograde in a powerful way. They will have to be careful not to become demotivated and to stay the course despite the difficulties. Want to know if yours is one of them?


Your habits and routines may no longer work for you during the period when Mercury is retrograde. You might feel very tired if you always have the same daily pattern. It’s important to think about the changes your daily life needs to incorporate during this time. Consider your health and well-being in this phase of change.


Be careful not to try to make risky investments. It’s a time to think and think about what to do with your money, not to spend it. Any temptation could cause you to lose considerable sums. Try not to follow your compulsive spendthrift instincts. Your challenge at this time is to control your impulses, and like Capricorn, to exercise caution.


This demotion can cause you to experience irrational fears. Demotivation could lead you to levels of inertia that are best avoided. Try not to give in to unconscious doubts and fears. You will be well surrounded, so try to draw energy from those around you. Take care not to remain inactive.

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Be especially careful during Mercury retrograde!

During Mercury retrogrades, it is important to internalize the characteristic aspects of this planet. Communication, the intellect, trade and the sale of goods will inevitably be impacted by this planetary movement. This is why we must exercise a double caution when approaching these questions. This will avoid problems, misunderstandings and all sorts of inattentive misunderstandings. During Mercury retrograde, the energy channels that govern our intellect will be disrupted, be warned!

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Mercury retrograde in Capricorn: these three astro signs will experience complicated weeks

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