The personal transformation of a spiritual journey in Egypt

Egypt is a popular destination for travelers wanting to visit the pyramids and as many temples as possible.

However, many miss something much more important, the essence of this country, the wisdom and power that emanates from each temple. Those who undertake this experience as an apprenticeship in ancient wisdom often experience a profound transformation in their personality and their appreciation of their surroundings.

A spiritual journey to egypt has the power to change the lives of tourists who are looking for more than just an exotic destination. It is ideal for those who want to soak up the country’s history and ancient wisdom. This is the type of approach sought by followers who want to experience the most authentic and exquisite aspects of Egypt on their trip, rather than just the tourist attractions.

In this sense, the spiritual tourist will not just be gazing at the exterior of the pyramids, but will be introduced to ancient practices and experience the higher energies that occur in temples such as Luxor to inspire spiritual transformations. This type of travel is not suitable for all tourists, but only for those who want to take a vital, metaphysical and extraordinary journey.

What does a spiritual journey to Egypt look like?

Once you can legally enter and stay in this territory, you can fully indulge in this type of experience.

In ancient Egypt, religion was part of society and was based on the interaction of Egyptians with different gods who had control over the forces and elements of nature. In this sense, the practices of Egyptian religion were intended to provide for the needs of the gods and to curry favor with them.

Travel companies offer many Egypt package tours that include a large number of stops, but they try to cram a lot into a few days, just to appeal to the mass tourist who wants to see as much as possible. The problem with this type of trip is that it does not allow you to immerse yourself in anything and ends up becoming a rushed trip, where you rush from one place to another, with busy schedules that leave little or no room for contemplation and meditation.

Other agencies are looking for another form of tourism, closer, friendlier, which allows a connection with the locals, where quality rather than quantity is a priority. These agencies encourage spiritual and cultural tourism in Egypt, offering tours at special prices for groups and personalized.

It is important to know that the tourism sector in Egypt is very well supervised by the government because it is an important source of income. Tourist facilities are everywhere and citizens are always greeted with a smile. Accommodation, depending on the type of traveler, ranges from modest hotel to luxury resort on the shores of the Red Sea, which is popular with foreigners drawn to its unique marine beauty, reefs and spectacular wildlife. .

Traveling the Nile in a faluque

A personal development journey on the Nile by faluque is a unique experience, full of peace and tranquility, far from those noisy and crowded motor boats. It is a fun and pleasant way to get to know the villages and monuments that are on its banks. An experience that facilitates meditation and entry into the spiritual world offered by this sacred river.

Best time for a spiritual trip to Egypt

The best months to travel to Egypt are from mid-September to the end of May, as the weather is very pleasant at this time of year and, although prices increase in high season, it is not unaffordable.

However, at Easter and at the end of the year, prices increase due to the high demand for visits to the holy places at these times.

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The personal transformation of a spiritual journey in Egypt

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