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Six Senses Vana marks the beginning of 2023 with the launch of the first retreat dedicated to well-being. Why not start the new year with a journey of self-discovery, wellness and healing in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas.

the Six Senses group has added the prestigious Vana to its portfolio, a very popular establishment. Its philosophy is to immerse clients in a personalized journey of sensation and well-being where ancient wisdom meets innovation.

Six Senses Vana, so named because it is located in the heart of the salt forest which extends over some 8.5 hectares. It is designed to preserve and nurture, providing space for self-discovery and growth. Ayurveda, yoga, Tibetan medicine and natural healing therapies combine with rich daily activities and personalized support. Nutritious food, including a restaurant specializing in Ayurveda, treatments such as acupuncture, reflexology and natural adjustments, and a caring team bring many benefits to the retreat. Contrary to what can be seen elsewhere, the magic lies in how these elements combine for the greatest benefit of the hosts, depending on their current state of mind and body, as well as their personal goals. they wish to achieve during the stay.

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From the moment you arrive with a still worried brow and put on your baggy kurta pajamas, and until the moment you leave blessed with a red cord tied around your wrist, this space serves as a newfound balance where you can come as you are, and seamlessly connect with others and nature, says Managing Director Jaspreet Singh. Even if you are a regular guest at a retreat, each is unique; therefore, Six Senses Vana approaches your health and well-being in a very personal way. »

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The foundation

Without a common goal, retreats will vary depending on the length of stay, the depth clients want, and the level of independence or support they feel they need. Each stay includes full board accommodation with personalized and balanced meals, daily activities during the retreat, wellness consultations and exams, as well as what to wear.

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Improve the experience

Guests can enhance the impact of their stay by choosing options such as treatments Subtle Energiesacupuncture, reflexology, realignment or manicures and pedicures.

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Add an intent

It is also possible to select a plan based on specific wellness intentions and combine with targeted diagnoses and recommendations given by experts:

The sleep…there’s sleep pattern tracking and helping hosts reset with treatments and therapies like Yoga Nidra, holistic massages, nighttime sleep drinks, and more.

detox…through carefully planned menus, Ayurvedic treatments, therapies to slow the fight and flight response, and digital detox, energy levels will be restored and clarity found again.

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weight management…clients are helped to gradually lose or gain weight by resetting their mindset through fitness activities, intensive body treatments, meditation, biohacking and a personalized meal plan.

Yoga…private sessions, guided meditation and breathing exercises as well as exclusive massages and energy therapies are given by a unique team of instructors, catering to beginners and more advanced alike.

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Ayurveda… Doctors and therapists offer treatments to restore the body’s energy balance.

Tibetan medicine… Six Senses Vana is one of the few places in the world that officially offers Sowa Rigpa in its complete method (in the Hindu religion, an avatar is each of the incarnations of Vishnu).

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By bringing high technology to their retreat at Six Senses Vana, guests can relieve recurring problems such as back pain or inflammation, and benefit from a boost in the healing process. Compression therapy, back heating belts and percussion massagers are available upon arrival to relieve the misfortunes of a long journey. Well-being is tracked using 40 biomarkers and, combined with a medical consultation, is added the science of ancient wisdom. Guests can enjoy multi-sensory treatments while floating in the Watsu Hot Pool or meditating to the sound of Raag Therapy, the peaceful and hypnotic sound of a flute bringing out positive emotions.

Six Senses Signature Experiences

Since its first opening in January 2014, loyal guests have come to Vana considering it a sanctuary to rebalance, heal and learn in this birthplace of yoga, Rishikesh, located north of Dehradun in the foothills of the Himalayas. The original intent and the team in place are unchanged going under the Six Senses brand. Ownership of Six Senses also remains under the management of Veer Singh Ji. His keen interest and respect for sustainable agriculture, traditional wisdom and nature will continue to live on.

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What has changed is the brand’s desire to deepen and strengthen the current offer, to complement it with its “signature” experiences successfully tested on a global scale, and to make them discoverable to the whole world. . Additionally, guests can get creative at the Alchemy Bar and create their own spa products based on their dosha type (life energy or mood). There will soon be, for the first time, activities for children aged six and over, enabling them to learn and grow in the ‘Grow with Six Senses’ programme. This program, launched in 2023, provides learning opportunities to help children explore and understand their natural environment through art, music, movement, storytelling and new interactive spaces.

As a social and meeting place, the bar serves healthy drinks and tonics. There will also be a Cinema Paradiso and various ball sports courts, in addition to a boutique selling sustainable fashion and spa products. Arts, music, exhibitions and shows will be added to the rich cultural program.

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A wellness retreat at the new Six Senses Vana in the Himalayas – Luxe Infinity

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