Full Moon of January 7, 2023: these 3 astro signs will be very AFFECTED

Big astrological news is coming! Tonight, a few minutes after the stroke of midnight, it will be the Full Moon in Cancer. This great astral meeting of the natural satellite of our planet will affect all the signs of the zodiac. But three signs will experience it more intensely than the others. To learn more about these, stay with us! We will give you all the details in this article!

Astro: what will be the energy of the Full Moon of January 2023?

The Full moon coming, arrives in the cold season of the Capricorn to warm hearts with the tenderness energy of the sign of the Cancer. As the year begins and we get back into routine and try to set our goals for the coming year, its energy will be like balm to the soul. Full Moons tend to be intense and reveal truths that close cycles and make room for new things in life. The ideal for this lunation is to receive it in good company, with friends, family or loved ones. A safe and familiar environment will be required to cross it due to the high sensitivity it will cause.

Horoscope: which zodiac signs will feel the energy of this lunation with great force?

Three zodiac signs can’t help but feel the energy of this spectacular Moon. For them, it is best to read the advice we offer them here to get through this astrological moment without too much emotional turmoil. Want to know if yours is one of them?


Dear Crab, you should have known that a Full Moon in your sign was going to have a major impact on you. And it will be. A kind of revelation in your sentimental life will be brought to light. You have to be ready, because this could be a moment that changes your view of yourself forever. Be vigilant and open your heart!


This Full Moon in Cancer falls in your astrological zone of work and career. This will be the time to prioritize what makes you feel proud and useful in life. Look for ways to make your profession your refuge. Make it the place you can go to when things aren’t going well. Thanks to this Lunation, you could achieve it.


This Full Moon will be an opportunity to learn how to put yourself forward and to value yourself more. It’s a matter of self-love for you, and an opportunity not to be missed. And sometimes being a little selfish is part of the process of becoming happier. Think about what makes you proud and how to implement it in your life!

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Why is this Full Moon called “Micromoon”?

This celestial event will take place at 00:09 on the night of January 7, 2023 at the 16th degree of the constellation of Cancer. It will be in opposition to Mercury retrograde in Capricorn which will make our way of reasoning complicated by emotions.
This Lunation is called “Micromoon” because it is the farthest from Earth. While this fact does not affect our ability to see it with the naked eye, nor its apparent size, the truth is that the Night Star is at its furthest point from our planet. But, beware, it will be quite formidable, even from a distance!

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Full Moon of January 7, 2023: these 3 astro signs will be very AFFECTED

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