Wednesday, June 1, 2022 horoscope

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To say that you will be in a bad mood, 1st decan, is an understatement. You will be mad at someone, maybe someone in the family. There is probably a decision to be made right now, which will have consequences and you will feel that you are being left out. But is this feeling a reality?


1st decan, despite a context that can be difficult, even worrying, you will have a great day and forget what is happening elsewhere. It will be thanks to an exchange, a visit, or quite simply to pleasant thoughts turned towards your loves… or your money. You may indeed have a comeback.


Happy birthday to those who celebrate it in June. Born today, the Moon in Cancer makes you hyper sensitive to the attitude of your friends and you will get upset if someone forgets to wish you your birthday or if someone in the family does not give you a present. Moreover, these gifts could be the source of anger.


The Moon reaches your sign at 7:30 am and immediately forms a dissonance with Mars and Jupiter: do not exaggerate your displeasure, even if you have good reasons. Storming will be useless, it would be better to be diplomatic, to find a solution to the conflict. But we don’t always control ourselves (1st decan).


3rd decan, you will not be at your best at the start of the afternoon. Fatigue will be felt and you will need a breath of fresh air to keep you awake. You are bothered by a relationship and its evolution, it drains your energy. 1st decan, you have a winning mind, but don’t try to go faster than the music.


While in cold dissonance with Saturn, Mercury is also in good aspect with Neptune and can keep you grounded! Do not let Neptune make you believe that you control a situation or someone, or that you can “heal” your spouse, you will expose yourself to disillusionment.


You are likely to be furious with your spouse who you think is doing anything wrong or not defending themselves as he/she should. It is possible, as we have already seen, that he or she is attacked or is faced with a legal problem and it is absolutely necessary to involve someone, a lawyer, a mediator.


You will need to get away from it all, either by thinking or by taking your day and going for a walk to take your mind off things. If you work, it is true that the context in which you are can be aggressive and as you are very sensitive, it rubs off on you. So you want to be somewhere else.


2nd decan, there is an agreement to be found with a financial partner or with someone in the family. This situation requires you to take a step back to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and try to guess how he/she will react, so that you can prepare for it and have an answer that will prevent the negotiation from failing.


Born in December, this day is not easy, you will have to make great efforts to remain zen in front of people whose attitude makes you angry. It seems that we are looking for you, that we are acting on purpose to make you react. On the other hand, 2nd decan, born around January 6th and 7th, you left in a dynamic of success.


Thanks to one of your loved ones, concerned about your well-being, you will remain calm in the face of a situation that will make you want to react instantly, without thinking. But it must also be said that you will be a little too touchy today and that you will not tolerate any criticism or remark that you consider unkind.


It is the turn of the 2nd decan to receive the influxes of the Sun in Gemini. You will immerse yourself for a few days in your past, perhaps in a family history that has lasted for a long time and that divides you. A question of inheritance, most of the time because it is what divides families the most, even the most united.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2022 horoscope

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