Personal development has become increasingly common. Every human being needs to develop their potential in order to improve their quality of life. This method therefore allows you to flourish in order to give meaning to your existence. How can we avoid difficulties? How to relativize on a daily basis?

The Law of Attraction is a concept of believing that there is a direct link between our thoughts and reality. Adopting a positive thought while firmly believing in such and such a dream could lead to its materialization. Should we adopt this way of thinking on a daily basis? What could be the dangers?

​Give to receive, positive thinking attracts positive… are these sentences true? Our tray specialists will answer your questions.

Can we heal ourselves through thought? What are the methods? Does the mind have the key to all our problems?
Naturopath, magnetizer, mental coach, will be with us on set.

Yoga, fashionable in recent years, allows a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle. How to practice it correctly? What are the benefits?

Positivity: learning to live better is our next survey on

The guests of the show Positivity:

  • ​Sabrina PIDOLOT – Trainer and Coach, Expert in personal and professional development, founder by OPTIMO Coaching in La valette du var
  • Jean-Philippe ACKERMANN – Specialist in Managerial Optimism, Expert in Success Strategies and Positive Leadership
  • Philippe VIAENE – Coach at Mental UP in St Raphael
  • Eliane CELLAURO – Magnetizer – Traditherapist – Bonesetter – Dowser and Founder of Murmure d’âme
  • Béatrice de VANDEUL – Holistic Therapist A look at oneself, in Sanary sur mer
  • Pascale PICAVET – Psychotherapist in Narbonne

The key figures of the show Positivity:

Qa few figures on happiness among the French?

A study by IPSOS shows that 80% of French people say they are happy, which places them in the top five countries with Australians and Canadians (86%), Chinese (83%) and British (82%). In contrast, the Argentinians (34%), the Spaniards (46%) and the Russians (47%).

What makes us happy in France?

In 2019, 80% of French people declared themselves happy compared to 77% in 2018 and 68% in 2017.
The 6 main sources of happiness for the French are: health (52%), children (48%), money (45%), the relationship with one’s partner (43%), the meaning of life (39 %) and safety (34%).
22% of French people believe that the good economic health of the country is a source of happiness.
16% of French people consider the spiritual life and religious convictions as a source of happiness.
We can note that 18% of French people even declare that their happiness depends on new faces in politics!
Only 8% of French people consider the time spent in social networks as something that makes them “extremely happy”, compared to a global average of 11%.

Focus on Yoga?

Yoga in France is 2.6 million practitioners in 2020 against 1.8 million in 2017.
This is a number that seems to be only growing. They demonstrate to those who spoke of “fashion” or “trend” that it is a fundamental phenomenon that is intensifying. This allows you to pose well to be zen and in a positive spirit.

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