Inflation: food aid of €100, here’s how to recover it

In December 2020, the government announced the creation of food aid to deal with the yellow vests crisis. In July 2021, the implementation of the aid was voted in Parliament. Shortly after, it was definitively adopted in the climate and resilience law. Who will benefit from the aid? What are the terms of allocation? We tell you everything.

Eagerly awaited help

Olivia Grégoire, spokesperson for the government announced during a trip that 9 million households will be able to benefit from a food voucher. It would amount to 100 euros per household and 50 euros per child for an estimated cost of one billion euros for the government.

As a reminder, the previous food aid had benefited 38 million French people receiving less than 2000 euros per month. From now on, the government intends to set up a “more qualitative” food check. Indeed, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne explained at the microphone of France Bleu that a discussion will be launched at the start of the school year. It will aim to set up a “targeted system to allow all French people to access quality products, organic products”.

The French have been waiting for the implementation of this aid for two years. So many are starting to get impatient, Marc Fesneau, Minister of Agriculture assured the microphone of France info that this will indeed happen. According to him, the aid will be allocated around October-November 2022.

“We have been working on the subject for two years, but we recognize that it is a complex subject, and that moreover there have been additional events in the meantime, so there may have been a little delay”, a he explained.

Who are the people who will benefit from the aid?

Millions of French people will be able to benefit from the food voucher. As the government has explained, priority will be given to young people between the ages of 18 and 25 who have relatively low incomes. Households with children and low incomes will also be affected, as will retirees.

“Today you have nearly 8 million of our fellow citizens who are struggling to have access to local productions, to quality productions, to our French productions in reality and therefore we must give them a boost to help them acquire that”, declared Julien Denormandie, Minister of Agriculture and Food.

But the food voucher is not only intended to help low-income people. The government also wants to introduce it to encourage the French to consume “made in France”, and this, by favoring short circuits. Another objective is to support farmers.

According to Michel-Édouard Leclerc, President of the E.Leclerc supermarket group, the height would be to set up food vouchers so that they are then spent in “the most expensive shops”. Because according to him, if the government introduces this aid, it is to give a boost to low-income people who buy from French distributors.

The amount of the food check

Note that all the terms related to the award have not yet been revealed, we will have to wait for confirmation. In any case, here is what government spokeswoman Olivia Grégoire said recently:

“We want to provide an emergency food allowance of 100 euros per household and 50 euros per child for 9 million people and we are working in addition on a more qualitative food check to access organic, fresh and local products”

In addition, the Family Allowance Fund is the body that could be responsible for granting aid. But this has not yet been confirmed. Reason why potential beneficiaries cannot yet take the necessary steps.

The activity bonus

Economic aid was introduced in 2016 to encourage the most precarious workers to return to work. This is the activity bonus. For a person to qualify, they must meet certain eligibility criteria.

Here they are :

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have French nationality
  • For people of foreign nationality, have a resident card or a residence permit
  • Have earned income not exceeding the limit established by the CAF according to family composition
  • Living in Metropolitan France or in the overseas departments

The allocation of the activity bonus follows the same principle as that of the RSA. This means that aid recipients must declare their income and inform CAF or MSA of their situation every three months.

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Inflation: food aid of €100, here’s how to recover it

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