Frédéric (Married at first sight) ruined: “I could no longer feed my son” – Gala

In an Instagram story published on Tuesday July 27, Frédéric, former candidate for Married at first sight, revealed that he had been in a critical financial situation in the past, and that he could not “feed his son”.

A dedication that comes from the heart. Frédéric, former candidate of the show Married at first sight, opened in an Instagram post about a difficult time in his life. While living in Brittany, in the town of Auray, the young man experienced lean periods, to the point of not to be able to support herself and her son, now four years old. This is what he revealed in a story off the cuff, shot this Tuesday, July 27 in front of … a Breton supermarket, which he assured not to be sponsored.

I’ll give you a very quick little story. I wanted to tell you that it was not a collaboration. The brand is unaware. I want to say hello and say thank you again to the Intermarché de Crach-Saint-Philibert.”, he began, before detailing how the supermarket had helped him to recover.They reached out to me three years ago when I wrote to tell them that I was in deep shit and couldn’t eat. I do not could no longer feed my sonand they have been there. They delivered groceries to me for six months. We were able to eat and frankly, I’ll never forget the gesture they made“, continues the young man who is now out of the impasse.

“Positive attracts positive”

Insisting that his message was solely on his own initiativeand that the brand was unaware of, yet he urged his followers in the area to go shopping at this store, “because the bosses have a heart“. Obviously movedhe took the opportunity to address Internet users more broadly: “Many of you still write to me about your life, ask me for advice, know how I got over my divorce... Well, it’s simple: surround yourself with positive peoplemake beautiful projects: positive attracts positive. It’s the law of attraction. Be happy, live your life, it deserves to be lived. There are ups, there are downs, but if we think positive, we always arrive to get up“, he thinks he knows.

© Instagram ScreenshotFrédéric, former candidate of Married at first sight, thanked the supermarket which helped him during a difficult period

A few minutes later, the young real estate agent spoke again in front of the camera, to explain his previous speech: “I know that today, you follow me on Instagram, you see me: I have a good job, I’m going on vacation, a lot this summer, you see me happy all the time… But here, Instagram, c is not real life, real life, it is a lot harder than thatand for everyone.“Recently, Frédéric had to deal with his divorce from Emeline, whom he had met during the show “Married at first sight”.

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Frédéric (Married at first sight) ruined: “I could no longer feed my son” – Gala

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