Tour de force in an inflationary period

On November 23, the council of the MRC du Haut-Saint-François adopted its budget and its 2023 action plan.

Budget 2023 Highlights:

The 2023 budget of $7,490,728 was prepared with the objective of minimizing quota increases for our municipalities. This year, the challenge was significant considering the addition of two human resources to the planning department. These additions are necessary for two files in particular. The Regional Wetlands and Bodies of Water Plan is required by the Law affirming the collective nature of water resources and promoting better governance of water and associated environments. Updating the Land Use and Development Plan is vital so as not to miss development opportunities that an outdated plan could cause. This component corresponds to a 5% increase in quotas. The wage improvements necessary to retain and attract staff — an unavoidable reality in this period of labor shortage — come into play for a 2% increase in quotas.

The Board is satisfied with the total increase of 7.32%. Because by subtracting the 7% mentioned above, the tightening of finances results in a meager 0.32%, a tour de force in a period of high inflation on all of our expenses. Cuts will therefore have been made, especially in development.

Highlights of the 2023 action plan:

The MRC du Haut-Saint-François team will focus its efforts for the coming year on several issues, including:

Layout Finalization of the Regional Wetlands and Bodies of Water Plan

· Continuation of the update of the land use and development plan

Geomatics Update of aerial photographs used among other things for the graphic matrix, but also for several analyzes and maps
Inheritance Heritage inventory and support for municipalities in this area (Law 49)
Environment Choice of a long-term solution for a disposal site for septic tank sludge (scenario under study at Valoris)

· Continuation of the update of the residual materials management plan (PGMR)

Important campaign of the Mouvement J’y participa (addressed to citizens and aims to reduce the landfilling of residual materials by sorting them into the right bin)

Public security Update of the intervention plan on the local road network
Fire safety · Finalization of the update of the Fire Risk Plan
Hobbies Programming in nocturnal leisure
Highway 257 Finalization of major repairs, Scotstown component
Cellular telephony Regional Cellular Coverage
Regional housing office · Addition of Han-Logement buildings in East Angus and the Weedon coop to transient financing by our ORH
MADA-family Adoption of policies and action plans (regional and local)
Dare to Top Campaign · Relaunch of the mobilization strategy towards the eight desired changes and of the attraction, reception and integration strategy

Implementation of a specific strategy for immigrants