What does a dream in which one flies through the air mean?

Dreaming of flying through the air is quite common. Symbol of lightness, the fact of stealing can be a positive element or on the contrary the sign of an escape from its responsibilities.

Dream of flying in the air: what does it mean?

The dreams where we fly are usually the nicest. The person who dreams feels light. And indeed, the desire to get away from the worries of everyday life or the moment characterizes this kind of dream. More often than not, when we dream of flying through the air, we are flying over houses – usually our own – with a pleasant feeling of freedom. Sometimes we even see our friends or relatives on the ground. Some sleepers go to visit foreign countries, even unknown, imaginary spaces, or distant planets. Other variants consist of dreaming that we are a bird, an angel, or simply that we have wings. Another point to take into account: the frequency of this dream, because it has a meaning.

Dreaming of flying in the air: three interpretations, three schools

Before embarking on an interpretation, it is important to realize what a dream is. Regarding dreaming of flying in the air, the Freudian school believes that a notion of guilt is hidden behind. The sleeper wants, in reality, to escape from a context which poses a problem for him. By flying away, he moves away from his responsibilities and flees constraints. According to the Freudian analysis, this dream can also have a sexual dimension.

Jung’s followers interpret this dream as the desire to leave a physical body that is a little too cumbersome or embarrassing. Flying in the air represents the desire to emancipate oneself and to leave a too heavy reality. According to Nostradamus, dreaming that we are flying through the air reveals a need to travel. The sleeper wants to open up to new lands and new opportunities, because he is not satisfied with his current life.

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Dreaming of flying in the air: some examples and interpretations

As each dream has its own scenario and variations, here are some typical examples with their interpretation. Of course, each dream has its own characteristics that deserve to be studied in detail. A psychoanalyst can help analyze his dreams. Dreaming of flying seeing loved ones down on earth bustling or calling the person who is flying is a sign of carelessness. Concretely, the relatives seek to bring back to earth the dreamer who has no desire to confront reality deemed too difficult. However, one day it will be necessary to be able to deal with any problems.

When we dream of flying to a quiet place, it is in some way an escape from an uncomfortable situation. The scenario may vary, but basically the dreamer is moving away from the people or the situation that is causing the stress, to go to a quiet place. This is a sign that the dreamer needs to relax and take care of himself. Children, work, family have perhaps taken up a little too much space in the life of the sleeper who would really need a little time to himself. Dreaming of flying and seeing the landscapes pass by is a sign that the sleeper is taking a distance from his life and needs to have a broader view of his current situation. This kind of dream is an invitation to take some distance in view of an upcoming life change.

When the sleeper dreams of flying and feeling free, it is because he needs freedom or lightness in the face of heavy daily life. This dream brings him some relief or psychological help to find a better balance. In reality, he must learn to distance himself from the things he feels.

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What does a dream in which one flies through the air mean?

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