Avatar 3: the three big questions that make you want to see the sequel to Avatar 2

After thirteen years of waiting, Pandora came back to life with Avatar: The Waterway and this is only the beginning of a long adventure.

WhileAvatar had a huge success in 2009, james cameron took its time to relaunch its saga on Pandora in order to best develop innovative technologies and impress us a little more on screen. Not surprisingly, Avatar: The Waterway has therefore lived up to expectations, at least technically, greatly exceeding the all-comers of the Hollywood blockbuster thanks to a use of HFR and 3D completely unprecedented at this level.

Still, of course, this second opus of the saga Avatar is just the start of a long series of films, and his story opens many questions about the future of the Na’vis and other humans. Before James Cameron returns with Avatar 6 and 7 in a few hundred years, we therefore wondered what could await us in Avatar 3, already scheduled for December 18, 2024 in French cinemas.

We therefore take stock of three elements that we would like to see in this new sequel. Spoiler alert, of course!

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Among the new characters introduced in Avatar 2Kiri is undoubtedly the most rich and fascinating (and not only because the teenager is embodied by Sigourney Weaver). The adopted daughter of Jake and Neytiri is in the first place the miraculous child of the avatar of Grace Augustineborn of a kind of Immaculate Conception that it is difficult not to attribute to Eywa, the divinity of Pandora with whom the Doctor breathed her last.

In addition to not having a known father, nor actually a mother (the latter having technically died before she came into the world), Kiri has a certain, but still mysterious connection to Eywa, which she feels more than any Na ‘vi (especially her heartbeat) and with whom she seems able to more or less communicate.

“With great power comes great responsibility”

Kiri is also able to control the planet’s flora and fauna that seem to respond to her will and seek to protect her. Unless this presence which constantly surrounds her, but which she never distinguishes, is that of his late mother, whose spirit was able to rise to the level of Eywa at the time of the transfer of consciousness at the end of the first Avatar.

In Avatar 3it should therefore be one of the determining elements in the war between the Na’vi and the humans, and could play the role of mediator given his interbreeding, his sensitivity, but above all his half-brotherly half-romantic relationship with Spider. But before that, the teenager will have to learn to control her “powers”, the epileptic seizures diagnosed by Norm (Joel David Moore) probably not being of a medical nature.

Whether she’s the spirit daughter of Eywa, the reincarnation of Grace Augustine, or Pandora’s answer to human invasion, the character should continue to gain strength and mysticismeven if his existential crisis should not calm down in the sequel.

Avatar: The Waterway: photoLaugh well Kiri-ra the last

The spider-QUARICH link

In the prologue-summary ofAvatar 2, we learn that Spider, an orphaned human child, had to stay on Pandora (the cryonics didn’t work on kids) after the humans left at the end ofAvatar. And if the feature film takes a little time to reveal it frankly to the spectators, it is quite easy to understand very quickly that Spider is the son of Quaritch. So inevitably, when the soldier lands on Pandora, resuscitated in recom and discovers the existence of Spider, it is a new intrigue that opens up before the eyes of the public.

Because obviously, if Spider hates Quaritch and Quaritch plays tough with his son at first, their meeting will bond them by something stronger than they could imagine. Thus, in the climax, Quaritch saves his son from Neytiri’s knife by surrendering and freeing Kiri. Then, later, Spider in turn saves Quaritch (drowning) before letting him go back to his Ikran, Spider joining Jake Sully’s family on his side.

Avatar: The Waterway: photoBehind the displayed disgust, an admiring look for his father who does not deceive

All this to say that despite their difference, the two characters grew closer during Avatar 2, showing he cared for each other (somehow). We can therefore assume that these budding feelings will have a big impact on the near future (and as soon as Avatar 3). It is indeed difficult not to imagine for a single second that Spider will have a role to play in the victory of the Na’vis camp or the human camp in the sequels. Because several options are available to the teenager, he who has become accustomed to the Na’vi way of life (without being one) and has recreated a form of sympathy for his human father (now Avatar Na’vi).

While the Sully family was very happy to be together at the end of the climax (without knowing where Spider is), will the teenager feel a little lonely, excluded from the family circle and never fully accepted in the future? And if yes, could he switch to take up the torch from his father if he dies at the hands of Neytiri or Jake and want to avenge his death ? Or on the contrary, will he use his bond with his father to become a form of double agent? Will he then play on this rapprochement to please his father and better betray him at the most opportune moment for the Na’vi cause? Unless everything comes from Quaritch himself, determined to recover his son from the hands of the Na’vis or to avenge him if something bad happens to him?

The possibilities are many and the Spider-Quaritch arc seems to promise a Shakespearian dose anyway even more significant for the rest of the saga.

Avatar: The Waterway: photoConceal your intentions to get out better some water wood at the most opportune time?


Like the first, Avatar 2 ends on Jake’s gaze. Except this time he (finally) open your eyes to the inevitable war that awaits Pandora, and which he cannot escape. No more fleeing, you have to prepare to face the vile human colonizers and destroyers. A priori, the first destination will therefore be Bridgehead, new HQ manned by boss Ardmore (Edie Falco), who directs operations.

Given the speed of construction of Bridgehead, the decor should be vastly different and much more high-tech, to guarantee a huge clash of cultures when the Na’vis return. On site, there is bound to be a bunch of soldiers and robots, seen at the start of the film when all this little world returns to Pandora. The train attackAvatar 2 having given a good overview (the Na’vis have their weapons but also those of humans), the war will necessarily be tough.

Avatar: The Waterway: photoOperations HQ

At the start ofAvatar 2, the Earth is described as uninhabitable. Pandora must be colonized for the future of the human species. The stake is no longer (only) wealth, but survival. Humans cannot lose Pandora, and therefore have nothing more to lose: all means will probably be launched on the spot to stop the Na’vis.

Producer Jon Landau and James Cameron also gave a huge hint about the sequels: Avatar 5 will return to earth (decor seen only in the director’s cut from the first Avatar). Will the Battle of Bridgehead be at the heart ofAvatar 3 and 4, where all the tribes of Pandora will have to unite to win? Will Jake, Neytiri and company go back to the source of evil on Earth, in order to stop the creation of the Avatars, and put an end to the plans of the military and political villains? Will they finally have to choose between condemning the human species, and preserving their habitat and their civilization on Pandora?

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Avatar 3: the three big questions that make you want to see the sequel to Avatar 2

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