Here is the ideal manicure according to your astrological sign!

Struggling to find the perfect manicure for you? And if you were based on your astrological sign? This nail art will indeed be perfect to reflect your personality, while remaining original. We tell you which manicure could suit you, depending on your sun sign… and if you can’t find it, you can always opt for the manicure associated with your moon sign.

What manicure for the ram?

Aries is a fire sign. We recognize him by his dynamic, enterprising and lively character! Aries also stand out for their spontaneous (even impulsive!) personality.

Red is therefore an ideal color for this sign. It is indeed a flamboyant color, in its image. The must ? A french manicure revisited with red and flames on a nail to pimp up the nail art.

The bull’s manicure

Taurus are whole people. This earth sign is more composed and calm than the Aries, for example. The bull can be very discreet. But also very thoughtful: nothing is left to chance and he/she always manages to control himself well. The bull is also said to be traditionalist, epicurean and close to nature.

As for the manicure, we opt for more classic colors. The one that is ideal for this sign is green. We love: the water green nail art with a golden border.

What manicure for a Gemini?

Geminis are often characterized by duality. But these two facets above all give Gemini the opportunity to be real chameleons. This air sign loves communication and has great intellectual abilities. But he/she can also be very playful! Gemini lives to the rhythm of his desires and his moods.

It’s also why you don’t risk seeing him twice with the same nail polish. He.she likes to play with contrasts. We can therefore easily imagine a nail art with two opposing colorssuch as blue and orange.

The cancer manicure

Cancer is one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac. This water sign is gentle, warm, affectionate and emotional. The cancer is naturally emphatic, full of compassion. He or she is also looking for simplicity and does not like to attract too much attention.

A manicure with pale pink color will therefore be perfect for cancer! That’s good, the baby pink is always so trendy and ultra-natural.

What manicure for the lion sign?

The reputation of the lion is well established. This fire sign is very sunny. He/she is passionate and can even be eccentric (with his/her theatrical side) as well as very extroverted! What is certain is that we notice a lion person directly when he enters a room.

It goes without saying that the lion’s manicure will be far from classic. His color ? Yellow. That we are going to decline with a original nail art !

The manicure of the astrological sign Virgo

The Virgo sign is calm, even introverted and reserved. They are shy people, who control their emotions, but who have a good sense of analysis. This earth sign is also very meticulous, attached to details and a perfectionist.

Virgo often represents purity. And it is in particular for this that the white color will be perfect for his manicure. We opt for a soft and clean nail art. We will never see a virgin with a peeling varnish !

What manicure for the Libra sign?

The sign of the scales lives up to its name since it represents balance and harmony. This air sign is gentle, warm and above all very diplomatic and social. He/she can be quite rational or, on the contrary, dreamy and creative. The balance remains a sensual and elegant sign.

This will be felt in his manicure, always very sophisticated. This leaves him with a wide field of possibilities, which can be a problem since the balance is often undecided. So to guide you, we recommend a burgundy nail art, neither too discreet nor too extravagant.

The manicure for the scorpion

The scorpion is fiery, instinctive but also emotional. Although this water sign seems tough, with great strength of character, it can also be hypersensitive. The scorpion lives intensely, and lets himself be guided by his emotions. He/she can be adorable or spicy. And he/she is definitely bewitching and sensual.

Black is undeniably the color that will best match scorpions. For a more chic and original result, we imagine a pretty nail art on the tips of the nails.

What manicure for the sagittarius sign?

Sagittarius is extroverted and has a zest for life! This fire sign likes to enjoy the pleasures of life. He or she is quite natural, lively and sparkling! Playful and enterprising, Sagittarius needs to vibrate on a daily basis.

Her manicure will be fun! We imagine many pop colors, with different nail art on each nail.

capricorn manicure

Capricorn is naturally reserved and suspicious. This earth sign can also be very lonely and independent. But that doesn’t stop him from being curious. The Capricorn is farsighted, he/she likes routine and tends to be a perfectionist.

More neutral shades will be ideal for a Capricorn manicure. In particular brown, which can be declined with a understated nail art and purified.

What manicure for Aquarius?

An Aquarius person is original, creative and inventive. She is also very independent and does not hesitate to think outside the box to get what she wants. This air sign is communicative and whole. He/she loves new experiences and is often a trendsetter.

No doubt: the manicure of an Aquarius person will be original, with a bold design. The preferred color? Blue.

Pisces sign manicure

The Pisces sign follows its intention and its feeling. He or she is sensitive and gentle. This water sign can also be dreamy, idealistic, far from reality. Pisces people are creative and solitary.

Their personality can show on their nails with soft patterns, such as clouds or waves. The perfect colors for fish are turquoise blue and baby blue.

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Here is the ideal manicure according to your astrological sign!

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