The return of the farmer’s market on Friday June 24 in Ellezelles

Local producers meet on the Place d’Ellezelles and in the alley of the schools on Friday June 24 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. for the Croque et Troque market.

Created at the end of 2012, the farmer’s market set up by the Pays des Collines Natural Park, in collaboration with the Local Development Agency of Ellezelles and the Maison du Pays des Collines, aims to be a space for meeting and exchanges for producers, restaurateurs, citizens and, of course, a space for discovering quality products and artisanal productions.

In 2022, the organizers are offering a more festive and convivial formula for farmers’ markets: fun activities are offered there and it is possible to have a drink there in complete relaxation. These events take place outdoors and, of course, the public finds all the local products there.

Among the producers that we can already announce: Caracolline with its large gray snails and frozen products (croquilles, blue or garlic snails, etc.); Delicacies and delicacies and its vegetable pastries; Earth element with its stone-ground flours; Lode Vandekerckhove with its cured meats; Le Petit atelier de Cha and its chocolate delicacies; Bergerie de la Bohette with its products made from the milk of their ewes (cheeses and yoghurts); La Ferme des Joyeux Drilles with its dairy specialities; Les Prés de Sartiau with its eco-responsible bouquets of local and seasonal flowers; Zoeufs Best and its eggs from pasture-raised hens; Marmellino and its jams made with fresh fruit; ICE m’Houtaing with its artisanal sorbets; The Vineyard Garden of the Dieu des Monts and their local wines; La Ferme Tricart and its smoked garlic; Magic-K with its artisanal and original croquettes; Elodie’s ice cream with its artisanal ice creams and sorbets; Le Paysan des Collines with its ducks, poultry and associated products (Foie gras, pâtés, etc.), charcuterie and cured meats; La petite Gantoise with its sustainable, local and mainly organic micro-bakery and catering products; La Cense d’Hortésie and Le Bois d’Ogy with their syrups, jellies and jams…

The Maison du Pays des Collines will also be open until 7 p.m. with all the assortment of the shop and the hiking maps of the Pays des Collines.

Among the artisans and associations present: the Ateliers d’Emma, ​​ceramist; Amnesty International will also be there with its awareness stand. With the kind collaboration of the elementary school of the French Community.

To contribute to the conviviality of the meeting, the Maison du Pays des Collines opens its bar. But that’s not all! To awaken witches and leprechauns, spirits and evil ones, brass and percussion will resonate! Children will also be spoiled with activities reserved for them: make-up, street magic, divination, card tricks and “close-up” magic.

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The return of the farmer’s market on Friday June 24 in Ellezelles

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